Saturday, May 9, 2009

Everything has a Price………

Wifey and I just got back from a quickie trip to Las Vegas. We left Orlando on Monday night and flew back Wednesday night. When we arrived we were starving. We checked into our room at the Mirage and headed off in search of food.

Las Vegas isn’t hurting. The economy is just fine out there. People were everywhere. The prices are still outrageous. There wasn’t much in the way of food that I felt was affordable.

We ate dinner at a burger joint inside the Mirage. BLT Burger it’s called. They have another store in New York City. I was tired and horrified at the prices for a cheese burger and onion rings. And then I saw it on the menu.

A 6 ounce hamburger made with American Kobe Beef. Kobe Beef is that rare strain of cow that lives in Japan. The animals are groomed daily and massaged up to 10 hours a day. They eat better than I do! It is the finest beef in the world. Since the Mad Cow scare came about it has become illegal to import the stuff from Japan. Years ago a cattle rancher in the US got some of these cows and started raising them. Hence the name American Kobe Beef. A good Kobe Beef  steak, say a 12 ounce strip would be upwards of $60.00 if you could find it. 

My Cheeseburger had Vermont cheddar, iceberg lettuce, a big juicy tomato slice and a slice of Vidalia onion on it. I ordered it as rare as they could legally make it. It came on this humongous sesame seed bun and even had a great tasting pickle on top.

It was the best burger I have ever had in my entire life. No Joke. Read this line again. I get chills just thinking about it. I am going to have them freeze one on dry ice and get it shipped to me via FedEx.

The cost? $17.00 and it was worth every penny. The secondary cost? A nasty case of diverticulitis. Must have been those damn seeds and to tell you the truth. I would do it again in a flash. The oralgasim I had is worth the pain I have now.

It was that good………………

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