Saturday, July 2, 2016

Trapped in the House

Think of Neil Diamond's "Love on the Rocks"

Trapped in the house
what an ugly surprise
the garage door spring breaks
and then your wife cries
you don’t get no respect here
when your trapped in the house

Can’t go to the store
can’t go to the show
There’s a holiday sale at Walmart,  but you just can’t go
Your whole life is ruined
when you trapped in the house.

First the spring it breaks
sounds like a shotgun blasting
suddenly you feel trapped there
with out any place to go.
Then you hear the voices
are they really laughing?
Taunting you inside your head
Your trapped at home just go to bed
stuck behind a half ton door.

You fill out the form
And wait for the call
it’s a holiday weekend
God damn it all
Looks like your here till Tuesday
Trapped in the house

You post it on Facebook
and your friends have to laugh
your masculinity has been cut in half
you look and feel like a pussy
when your trapped in the house

Maybe the neighbors 
will give you a hand
And then maybe not
because its you they can’t stand
You realize your fucked
when you are trapped in the house

How could this happen
and why is it always me?
sitting here bored to tears just posting to my BLOG
That son of a bitch is heavy, I mean it’s REALLY heavy!
Could I move it with the jack
try to prevent a heart attack
Wouldn’t that just be my luck


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