Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dropping the "F" Bomb....

Hello again everybody!

So let’s see what is going on since the last time I sat down and blogged to my loyal audience of no one.

Ahhhhh here we go, President Dumb-Shit is going to drop by Hiroshima during his upcoming trip to Japan and apologize for America dropping the atomic bomb on their insane relatives 60 plus years ago. Apparently some of our highly educated political youngsters are of the belief that we Americans were mean and barbaric because we cooked our enemy’s ass to bring about an end to World War II.

I consider my self pretty intelligent and halfway educated. I was taught that the United States dropped the atomic weapons on Japan to expedite the end of the war. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of American AND Japanese would have died if we had to invade the Japanese mainland. The Japanese soldiers were insanely dedicated to their emperor and the ideal of an invincible Japan. They even had some of their best pilots brainwashed into flying suicide one way missions, with their planes filled with high explosives of course, into our warships. Human cruise missiles on a one way trip to death and pseudo glory. They left us no choice, we had to drop the bomb.

But now this current generation of over educated smarty pants assholes, who have never faced the horrors of a world war, have decided that it was immoral and evil to have obliterated two of the enemy’s industrial cities.

How dare they spout that ignorant shit! Would it have been better to lose a million plus lives trying to capture the Japanese mainland with a ground assault? They fought like honey badgers. They would have never given up.

“You don’t know that is what would have happened” is the current answer these amazing products of higher liberal education like to say as a response to the previous generations logic.

Yes I do. And I can prove it.

You honestly think the Japanese would have surrendered if we didn’t drop Fat Man and Little Boy on them? Well think about this, stupid,

Why didn’t they surrender after we dropped the first one on them? We hit them with the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen and they didn’t give up right then? We had to clobber them again a couple days later before they decided to throw in the towel. Only the threat of continued atomic attack forced them in to surrendering.

Using the atomic bomb on the Japanese mainland saved probably at least a million lives if not more. They sure as hell would have used it on us first if they had the ability to do so.

But I guess the liberal, tenured professors in our warped higher education system do not recognize this simple logic. College students today are only taught about the evil and vile United States of America and that every problem in the world is our fault. You name it, from Global Warming (now called Climate Change) to the rapid rise of Radical Islam, we are to blame somehow.

Our president is a graduate of Harvard. It used to be that a degree from Harvard commanded a certain level of respect and admiration. Parents wanted their children to grow up and go to Harvard. Not me, If I had children I would rather they be welders or plumbers than get within ten miles of Harvard. 

I started this post thinking about the “F” bomb tie in. I was going to try and be cute and politically correct by referring to it as the Fool Bomb. As in the Fool who is going to go apologize for it….But I know you wouldn’t buy it. To well you know me.  Nope I’ll say it, Our president is going to go and make a fucking fool out of himself in Japan and shame everyone who believes in and loves America. As if that is anything new.

Wouldn’t Thurston Howell III (another Harvard man) be proud……