Friday, August 28, 2009

If You Are Not Scared Yet…..

You are not paying attention.

You can go to and report your neighbors for saying and thinking things against the government.

The FBI was in the local gun store in Okeechobee asking about anyone who might be saying controversial things about the government and/or the President.

The federal government forced out the CEO and head of General Motors and replaced him with someone they wanted in charge of one of America’s largest businesses.

The government is requiring the 50 largest private insurance companies to report their salaries for their top executives and the expenses they incur doing business.

The President has appointed a pay Czar to check into the compensation that all private industries pay their top executives.

The federal government has the power to enter your home, search your property, and leave without even telling you they were there.

The federal government promised car dealers $4,500.00 dollars in incentive money per clunker turned in. When the dealers go to the website to fill out the paperwork for their promised payment(within ten days) the disclaimer they had to agree to basically gives the government the ability to monitor and own any data on the computer the dealership used. That means access to your personal data you provided to buy the vehicle. The government hasn’t even reimbursed these car dealers yet.

Now the federal government wants to administer our healthcare. They would be in control of enough money to colonize the planet Mars and put an NFL franchise there. And they can’t even pay out $4,500.00 owed per car in a bailout plan that they already set the money aside for?

And now, the 55 page Senate bill # S-773 would grant the President of the United States the power to shut down the internet and “locally controlled private networks” in the event of a “CyberSecurity-Emergency” This bill has been initiated by Senator Jay Rockefeller a Democrat from West Virginia. It also allows the federal government the right to “Map certain private computer networks” in order to prepare for any supposed attacks on our country. They cite the same powers President Bush used to ground every single aircraft in the United States the day of September 11th 2001.

I am not bashing the Democratic party here. Some of these issues were passed by the last Republican administration. The point is, all of our government officials are in cahoots. They are more interested in building their own little empires and fortunes than doing their jobs. Their primary mission, in case they forgot, is to represent you and your wishes and concerns in Washington.

Sweet Dreams America. I wonder when and where we are going to wake up……

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brave New World Redux……

Washington DC, USA. Today the Obama Administration announced strict new limits on production and controls of Carbon emissions.

“Since human beings are the second worse offenders on the planet (after the flatulent bovine species) it is important that we impose newer and tougher Carbon standards on the American public” The President stated.

These new standards limit the total amount of Carbon emissions allowed per person. Automobiles will only be allowed to operate for 15 minutes a day, Electricity for heating and cooking will be on for 15 minutes per day. Household thermostats will be set at 90 degrees in the summer and 36 degrees in the winter.

The most controversial measure mentioned in the official report seems to be the idea that all Americans will have a Carbon Emission Meter (CEM) implanted in their chests. This device will allow the federal government the ability to monitor the levels of Carbon Dioxide each American creates when exhaling.

Exhaling is considered an important component of the breathing process.

The report goes on to say that this device will also give the government the ability to control the respiratory rates of the public in order to control the levels of dangerous Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented, “This will be a great tool for members of congress to control the tone and attitudes of their electorate during over enthusiastic and vocal town meetings.

The President’s new Health and Eugenics Czar, Dr. Josef Mengele stated: “Another benefit of the CEM will be the government’s ability to control health care costs for the new Single Payer Government Health Care Program. We will be able to remotely shut down members of this great society who are no longer productive and are a drain on the government’s health care resources.”

The only drawback to the system identified by the report would be the threat that computer hackers would be able to shut down the members of congress and even the President himself. Dr. Mengele responded; ”Don’t be silly. Members of congress and key members of the Obama Administration would not have the new implants. You don’t expect that the leaders of this new and reformed America to subject themselves to the same rules and regulations that the little people have do you?”

Aldous Huxley would be proud…….

Monday, August 24, 2009

It’s a Matter of Trust…………

Our Dipshit President says you can keep your employer based insurance plan if you choose. If you loose those benefits you can get the new government insurance plan.

We’re screwed now.

You employer likes to have you working for him/her. You make them money. Some employers provide health insurance for their employes. You may have to pay a portion of it, but your employer pays far more per insured person than you realize. The average is about $1,500.00 per month. You might pay a hundred or so. For a family maybe your portion is $300.00 or so. Either way it’s one hell of a deal.

So imagine a scenario where your employer can drop your insurance because you can be insured by the government. He gets to pocket at least an extra $15,000 (that’s fifteen grand) per year and do you think you are going to see that money in a raise? Are you kidding me? What sort of fantasy land do you live in? Do you really expect the wizard to take you back to Kansas in his magical balloon?

Dream on you Obama voting idiot. You wanted change, well things more often change for the worse. It’s simply the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy increases with time. Translation: Things get worse as time goes on, or achieve a higher level of disorder.

But that’s right, I forgot. You slept, or smoked dope or screwed your way through high school. You took music appreciation and gym classes instead of history and physics. And now you have the right to vote. Just like someone who studied hard and made themselves an intelligent, productive member of society.

The meek are inheriting the earth after all. They are being led by the idiots and condoned by the apathetic…….