Friday, August 7, 2015

Let's Make a Deal.....

The Iranian Deal…

It seems I haven’t been preaching politics enough lately as people are still spouting foolish things on social media. As it’s my duty to educate and enlighten the world, I therefore submit…

The Iran Nuclear deal is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Our President has assured that Iran will have nuclear weapons probably THIS year. Yes you read it right. THIS YEAR!

You think I am crazy? Well just try and use the small percentage of your brain you didn’t destroy with dope in high school for a minute. Ready? Here goes.

What are the ways a country can gain access to a nuclear weapon?

#1 Spend years on research and untold amounts of treasure on talent and equipment to develop the technology allowing the enrichment of uranium or plutonium and then construct a deliverable weapon.

#2 Steal the technology through espionage and follow step one, sort of like how the Russians did back in the late 1940s.

#3 Steal a weapon from an insecure facility somewhere in the world and transport it secretly to your own facilities for placement on a yet to be built delivery system.

#4 Buy one from some unscrupulous country or dictator who’s ideals and goals match yours. This would require a lot of balls and a huge amount of cash.

There you have it. The current deal the president want’s you to swallow puts severe limits on Iran’s ability to research and manufacture a nuclear weapon for at least 10 years. After that, he’s out of office playing golf and all bets are off. So option #1 is out. So is option #2 because the same technologies needed to utilize the stolen information would be covered by the treaty. Option #3 is pretty much impossible as most nuclear weapons are pretty well guarded and easily traceable.

Then there is option #4. This is the unspoken nightmare scenario that our dipshit leaders have over looked.

When we agreed to lift the trade sanctions against Iran, even before they have complied with all their requirements of this deal, we gave them the golden ticket. With the sanctions lifted they will now be able to sell hundreds of millions of dollars of oil to countries around the world. This is cash they didn’t have access to under the US led sanctions. In addition their foreign assets amounting to almost a billion dollars will be released back to them.

So we have now given the leaders of Iran a faster and more direct way to acquiring a nuclear weapon. Who would sell it to them? That’s pretty easy. Any cash strapped country that has the technology already. Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, maybe even India. Add in a country or two that doesn’t look favorably on Israel and the deal is done.

No wonder the Iranians are tickled shitless with this deal they muscled past our idiot leaders. It will save them billions of research and construction dollars and get them to their goal of “Wiping Israel off The Map” years sooner than anyone would ever think.

So the leading country in the "State Sponsored Terrorism" race has now been given the ability to use nuclear weapons against their future targets. Read that again before you go to sleep tonight. Better yet, imagine said nuclear weapon was aboard one of the aircraft that took down one of the twin towers on Sept. 11th. Maybe 5 million people killed in New York City would get your attention.

Yup. Our president is doing a wonderful job alright. He sure has you fooled.

Gotta love that "Hope & Change"