Friday, November 27, 2009

Inflation Without Viagra……..

I remember when ten dollars was a lot of money. Sure I was a kid, but $10.00 would buy you the world. My first transistor radio from Radio Shack was $10.00.

The United States of America’s proposed budget for next year (fy 2010) is 4.1 trillion dollars.

So what?

We throw around numbers these days without any comprehension as to their real size

A million is a huge number. It’s a thousand thousand. Pretty simple.
A billion is a thousand million. Getting pretty big now.
A trillion is a thousand Billion. Holy Crap!

Do you have any idea how big a trillion of anything is?

If you could spend one million dollars every day since the day Jesus Christ was born you would not yet be at a trillion dollars.

If you could fill the Big House (University of Michigan’s 100,000 seat football stadium) and give everyone inside a thousand dollars, and then you did that every weekend for a full year it would take you more than one hundred ninety two years to get to a trillion dollars.

Let’s say the average dollar bill is right at six inches long. If you took one trillion dollars and lined them up end to end you could stretch them all the way around the Earth. Three thousand seven hundred eighty seven (3,787) times.

One trillion dollars stretched end to end would more than reach from the Earth to the Sun.

If your heart beats an average of 65 times a minute it would take you twenty nine thousand two hundred and seventy years (29,270) to reach a trillion heart beats.

Starting to get the picture?

As of right now. The US Census estimates the US population to be 308,032,676 people. Give each of us our share of a trillion dollars. That’s 3,246 dollars per person. And our proposed budget is 4.1 times that number.

I wonder how much money will be spent today, Black Friday 2009, in the US?

I’ll bet you is doesn’t add up to anywhere near a trillion dollars.