Thursday, July 9, 2009

The second thing we do….

Is tax the Indians

Ok for you politically correct dimwits, the Native Americans.

The Indians were here first. Ok so what. They were conquered. End of story. Can you name one other group of people that conquered another group of people and then allowed themselves to be screwed over by the losers? (Oh yeah. the Japanese. That worked out well) The Indians were one of the most brutal people who ever lived on this planet. Sure they all sat around and peacefully grew corn and killed a few buffalo. In other words, they just stagnated. If the white man never set foot on North America do you really think the Indians would have evolved socially or economically or technologically? Hell no. They would be freezing their little red balls off in tents made of smelly buffalo hides to this day.

The Indians were brutal when they went to war with other tribes. They killed the men and male children while raping the women and kidnapping and assimilating the female children into their society. Does that sound like an advanced peaceful culture to you? How much Hollywood BS propaganda have you swallowed?

Today we give them tax free land, free housing, free food, free healthcare and a paycheck for sitting around and bitching that we are not giving them enough. And then, and this really frosts my balls, we let them erect casinos and let them keep all their profits tax free. These wonderful people don’t even take care of themselves. The poorest place I have ever seen is the Navajo Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona. Seriously, this area is poorer than any of the places I have seen in central Mexico. Do those rich Indian asshole that own the worlds largest casino in Connecticut send them a dime? Hell no. But we kiss their asses and let them have whatever they want. We should have passed out more smallpox laced blankets when we had the chance.

Before you start to think I am crazy here, you should spend a little time in an Emergency Room in Northern Arizona. Flagstaff spends thousands of dollars a month to take care of these parasites who drink themselves silly and then get a free ride back to the “Res” every morning. These same assholes are back night after night drunker than hell and paying for it with that nice green government check they get every month. That check that your taxes pay for. And this doesn’t even address the cash they pick up begging and poor mouthing in the Target parking lot in downtown Flagstaff. And Flagstaff Medical Center is just finishing up a special alcohol rehab center for these lovely smelly footed people.

I’m not advocating killing them now. It’s too late for that. Let’s just tax their profits the same as yours or mine are. And stop giving these lazy assholes free money. Make them get jobs just like you or I had to. We were born here also.

And we are worrying about illegal aliens sucking the life out of us? These parasites are killing us from within.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things I hate…....

Some dufus told me the other day “Don’t be a hater Man”.

Sorry I can’t help it. Something’s I don’t care for and others I just want to take outside and cut in half with my rifle.

In no particular order:


House flies

Horse flies

Small yip yip lap dogs



Leg Cramps

Airports without free WiFi

Carry on luggage assholes

Most Liberals

Lousy veins

Ingrown toenails

Most sappy Soap Operas

Slow drivers in my way

Fast drivers who pass me like idiots

Jim Lampley

Texas A&M

Cloudy nights

Expensive Hops

Door knocking religious nut cases

Snotty old fat know it all nurses

Junk mail



Thai food

Long checkout lines at the store

Good war movies with romantic sub plots

Cold showers

Floyd Mayweather

Grass burrs

Incompetent government at all levels

Blue M&Ms

Spam, electronic and canned

Electric stoves


Flat beer

Cheap Tequila

Dead batteries


Cell phone ads on TV

And this list only took me 3 minutes to create. You can only imagine what a full day living in my head would reveal.

Scary thought isn’t it?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Something fishy is going on here……….

Go into a gun store and try to buy some ammunition. Hell, go into Wal-Mart and see what is left at the gun counter. Chances are your local Wal-Mart doesn’t have a bullet left for sale. Not even one little box of 22s. It’s almost spooky.

Why? No one has an answer. Ever since this last election there seems to be no rifle or pistol ammunition for sale anywhere. You can buy all the shotgun rounds you can carry, but anything for long guns or hand guns is unavailable.

The local Wal-Mart gun counter gal told me that they order the stuff, The orders are just not filled from the warehouse or somewhere further up the line.

Are you kidding me? The largest retailer in the world cannot get so much as a box of bullets to sell? It’s the same thing at my locally owned gun store. Paul tells me it’s just not available from the wholesalers anymore.

Are people hording? I don’t know. I do know that the two times I was at Wal-Mart when the truck was unloading and the pallet of merchandise was left at the gun counter there was no ammunition available. Not one box was delivered. It’s kind of hard to hoard when there is no supply available to purchase.

Even reloading components are gone. Try to buy a box of small pistol primers. A box of a thousand used to cost around $15.00 or so. Now, if you can find them, a box now goes for closer to $35.00 or more. Powder and bullets are also getting harder to find as well.

I don’t believe in conspiracies as a rule. I’ve been to and laughed at Roswell and think Global Warming is a farce created by Al Gore to make a quick buck.

This is much scarier in my opinion. The public can’t purchase ammo or reloading components? Who needs gun control when those sneaky bastards can find a way to prevent you from buying or reloading bullets to put in your uncontrolled gun? King George would have loved this. Without bullets July 4th would have been just another day.

I wish someone, anyone, would find a way to bring this to the public eye.

Hopefully I won’t disappear suddenly for typing this. If I do, you will know why!