Thursday, November 9, 2017

Harvey Weinstein Hyprocrisy

Sexual Harassment Sharks

I am taking time off from writing my Hurricane Irma Survivor novel to pound his out for my poor neglected BLOG.

I am sick and tired of hearing all this bullshit about sexual harassment in Hollywood and anywhere else. It infuriates me that people are losing their jobs, spouses and fortunes over allegations of crimes of which their is no evidence and there are no convictions. Last time I checked this was still the United States of America where people are innocent until proven guilty.

Where is due process here. Sure Harvey Weinstein is probably a fucked up and deeply disturbed monster, but where is the crime in that? Just look at our congress if you are out hunting the mentally disturbed.

Sexual Harassment is the perfect revenge ploy if you want to get back at someone because there is no defense for it. If you want to ruin someone’s life for whatever silly reason you can think of, just call him a sexual predator or say he spoke to or looked at you the wrong way. You will smear his/her reputation and ruin his/her life and not have to prove a thing.

I use the his/her tag whenever I remember to use it as I don't want to be called insensitive. (I don't really care) The brutal and honest facts are that women are ashamed of being sexually harassed where most men just enjoy it.

“But he groped me at a party 30 years ago” To fucking bad. You should have reported it back then. “I was too afraid to report it” tough shit. Who do you think you are coming out of the shadows now to destroy someone else’s life years after the fact because you didn’t have the guts to report the offensive actions when they happened. Just maybe your report and testimony might have saved others from the ensuing humiliations that an unpunished criminal would have caused. You, therefore, are no better than the perpetrator of the crime itself. You are just as guilty, You have only yourself to blame.

Don’t you love it when some hot shit actress comes out and says that she was sexually harassed in the past by a motion picture producer or director in order to get certain lucrative starring roles in Hollywood and then a whole gaggle of women and men ooze out of their collective holes to jump on the bandwagon? They smell easy money in impending lawsuits and instant tabloid fame with their sleazy accusations which only prove them gutless hacks if you stop and think about it.

Maybe if you profited off of being a victim of a “Sexual Harassment” crime you should be required to pay back all of the money and benefits you received for said actions. How many hyper-rich Hollywood A-List actors that make millions off of their silly entertainment jobs do you think would be where they are if they didn’t “sleep their way to the top”? This is the worst kind of hypocrisy that I can think of. What if they had to pay back what they earned whoring themselves out for their eventual fame and fortune? Do you think any of this foul smelling crap would make it to your iPhone news feed? I sincerely doubt it.

If you are compensated in any form for sexual actions you are a whore and technically a criminal: unless of course you are in Hollywood where you just become a headliner and get a gig with Oprah, or a guest shot on the tonight show. 

Sexual Harassment is wrong and should be REPORTED and PUNISHED. As long as sex is fun and enjoyable someone will try to make a buck off it or use it to their advantage. Hell, just wait until those assholes in Washington figure out a way to TAX it.

Now can we please drop the subject and get on to more important things in life like why Toblerone candy bars have become so damn expensive and are getting smaller? 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Foto By Chuckie

One thing I find particularly funny is the rash of "Professional Photographers" you see these days on social media. Everyone with a digital camera is now a "Professional" I see at least three new ones a day. It seems any pin head who takes one good baby picture or grabs a decent wedding photo immediately decides that they should work for National Geographic, American Bride, or Playboy.

What's worse is the iPhone and iPad crowd thinking they are the next Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz. Every where you go there is some dimwit with a selfie stick trying to look sophisticated while acting like a dumbass in front of his own phone. Ever been 10 rows back at a concert and a squadron of dipshits are holding up their iPads to take a picture or worse video? While the pictures turn out lousy they end up blinding the multitudes of guests who paid a lot of money to see the artist perform.

Let's get real for a minute here. Without trying to offend you, your thousand dollar cell phone is not a serious camera. It's the new millennium's Kodak Instamatic. Sure some great pictures can be taken with a cell phone but it's far rarer than you might think. Imagine the odds of a albino three legged midget winning the olympic pole vaulting gold medal while wearing a Speedo with a winning PowerBall lottery ticket tucked into his groin. Sure it could happen.......

While at a concert in Punta Gorda last March, I was approached by a "Professional Photographer" This 20 year old kid had a Nikon CoolPix camera. Pretty nice iron for an entry level digital camera to take snapshots of the kids at Christmas with. He told me he had a 1gb memory card installed and was really proud of it. He could take/store almost 400 pictures on that SD card. He looked like someone had punched him in the stomach when I told him my 128gb card held over 12,000 shots. He disappeared into the crowd, never to be seen again, or so I hoped.

About an hour later he came by and asked me to look at some of his shots. They were, in a word, terrible. The stage was oriented North/South facing East. The bands were playing in the afternoon so the sun was behind them blasting through the musicians from behind. Every one of his pictures was washed out as he stood directly in front of the bands and carefully composed his shots, LOOKING INTO THE SUN! I almost pissed myself! This "Professional" was shooting into the sun and worse he couldn't figure out what went wrong.

Once I regained consciousness from laugh induced hypoxia, I recommended that he might want to stand off to the side and take some shots without the sun directly in his face. He said I was a genius and that he would try that. Later I saw him about a hundred yards from the stage taking pictures in the twilight with his tiny little built in flash popping off. He then asked me the most brilliant question I have ever heard. "Should I use my flash when I try to take pictures of the Moon?"

Professional Photographer? I don't think so. He did give me a copy of his business card in case I wanted to see some of his work on-line. Yup, you guessed it. He had full color business cards printed up proving beyond a shadow of a doubt he was a professional.

And that's what I have done! My photography business is called "Foto By Chuckie" I even went to Vista Print and ordered my own business cards! My slogan printed below the card's title says, "Occasionally Good Photographs". I am listed as "Camera Pilot/Foto Stooge! My address is listed as Jacksonville Fl, Planet Earth. Next time I am at a function with my camera equipment I will have these cards for all these nitwit Paparazzi in training.

I just may post one on on my facebook page to judge the reactions!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Back to the Past?

Back to the Past?

Hi everyone! I am back after a long hiatus.

To be honest, I was just lazy. All sorts of great ideas came to mind for my amazing and award winning (well not really) Blog. But again, I was lazy.

What set me off and jolted me out of my posting hibernation was an article in the British newspaper the Guardian. The title said that Britain is going to ban the sale and use of all internal combustion engine vehicles by the year 2040. You heard me correctly! If your car uses gasoline or diesel fuel in Britain after January 1st 2040 you will be heavily taxed. You will not be able to purchase a gas or diesel powered vehicle anywhere in the country. No mention as to if the ban will also cover farm and construction equipment as well.

So in the last couple years Britannia, who once ruled the waves and the world, has elected a Muslim mayor of Londonistan, they left the EU and now going to join the Third World!

What a proud victory for the environmentalists! Soon they will be piloting horse drawn carriages  through he streets of London to deliver food, most likely rotten, to their populace! What a cool picture that will make.

But what about switching to electric cars Chuckie? Are you an idiot? Electric cars are our future. Elon Musk says so.

No Way, Nope and you believe that idiot?

Where do you think the electricity to power your car will come from? Most environmental idiots will Say, “Out of the Wall” Well they are about 2% right. The coal and oil power plants burn fossil fuels to generate electricity. Nuclear power plants are out as they give transgender orphan whales breast cancer. believe it or not, Electric cars create more pollution than fossil fuel cars do.

So now all you are left with is horse and oxen power to deliver your packages from Amazon. And even those are under fire due to the levels of Methane they produce. And all of you vegan assholes get your food delivered in refrigerated trucks to supermarkets that use electricity to keep it fresh. All that food was grown and raised on Diesel fuel. Tractors to plant and harvest the crops, pumps to run the irrigation to water the crops, Trucks to haul the food to your local markets where you purchase your nutritionally void produce to stuff into your politically correct pie holes. You see the ENTIRE WORLD DEPENDS ON INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES! Without them we would all be dead in a month.

So England is going to have their population all live in caves and eat what they can forage from their abundant natural resources.

But Elon Musk will be orbiting Mars on your dime and won’t give a shit.

Kinda like now.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The TPP.....

You knew it would only be a matter of time before I had to put fingers to keyboard about the TPP. It’s been the top story in the news lately. You can’t even pick up your phone without someone commenting on the TPP.

What’s the big deal? I have spent years thinking up the TPP. The final concept came to me just a few weeks ago when Wifey picked up her new insulin pump. The idea is simple, efficient and most importantly will not be effected by the proposed trade restrictions and tariffs with Mexico.

Confused yet? Don’t worry, all will become clear shortly. All you have to do is keep reading and keep an open mind.

The Tequila Pump Project: (TPP)

Did you think I was talking about the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement or something? How little you know me!

I came up with this idea years ago as a way to cut down on costly Tequila imports into the United States. Now that President Dimwit has decided to tax all Mexican imports into the country my idea makes even more sense. A safer and more economical way to infuse felony juice into the American consumer is what we have all been screaming for! 

What we need to develop is an infusion pump that injects Tequila right into the brain. A small catheter could be introduced into the carotid artery. This is connected to the pump where tiny amounts of purified Tequila could be injected into the blood stream that goes directly to the brain’s incarceration center.

Why drink Tequila and have to involve all the digestive organs just to get the elixir to your body's control center? That’s old school thinking. With this system in place less that a tenth of an ounce of that Mexican pleasure juice could have the same jail inducing effects that drinking 10-15 margaritas causes. No more nausea, vomiting, and best of all, an almost un-measurable blood alcohol reading. You breath wouldn’t even smell of the stuff! “No officer, I haven’t been drinking tonight”.

The cost savings would be enormous as well. Instead of drinking ten to twelve shots to get whacked you would only use a tiny amount of the elixir of doom. A quart of Tequila could produce maybe 300 plus doses of crime inducing euphoria versus five or six jail terms if you just drank it straight from the bottle. Why attempt to raise the blood alcohol level in all eight to twelve pints of blood in the human body when you only need to target a very small area in the brain. That’s like turning on the whole sprinkler system to water just one tomato plant. Am I right here? We would even be doing the planet a favor as we would reduce the number of liquor bottles clogging up our precious landfill space.

Best of all, at a party or any social function all you would have to do is press the button on your pump and bang, instant drunkenness. Immediate disorientation with loss of memory and inhibitions when your dumb shit valve gets chemically forced wide open. There could even be a smart phone app that could be voice activated. “Siri, activate felony juice and criminal behavior mode”. Think of the fun you could have if you hacked your date’s TPP system! Talk about a "Bloomer Dropper"!

(Bloomers are panties for those of you born later than 1979)

The possibilities are as exciting as they are endless. The only questions are when we can get this implemented and how much will it cost?

And probably the most mind numbing question of all is “Why did it have to be me to think of it?”

Monday, January 16, 2017

I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight...

What is it with the song titles in my BLOGS these days?

Imagine it’s 79 AD. You live in a bustling city by the sea. An important tourist and commercial city. A center of commerce, art, shipping, manufacturing and culture. Life is good. You wake every morning after the previous night’s debauchery and rise to a nutritious and delicious breakfast then bathe and dress for the day. You make your way to your place of business, but, something is amiss.

There is the unfamiliar odor of rotten eggs in the air and it seems that there is a light snow falling. The minor earthquakes that you have been experiencing for the last couple of months seem to have suddenly abated. "What the hell is going on?" runs through your mind at 500 miles per hour. Almost as fast as the choking and deadly pyroclastic flow that is coming from the mountain next to your beautiful city is moving. The deadly cloud is made up of rock, volcanic ash, miscellaneous debris and poisonous gasses. All at over five hundred degrees fahrenheit (500°f). It is streaking towards the city, YOUR CITY, at 600 miles per hour killing, incinerating and burying everything in it’s path at the speed of a jet airliner.

Of course you die. You are instantly killed right were you are standing. That mysterious and fine “snow” that you witnessed falling in the 70° weather was actually volcanic ash. Not ash really, but razor sharp microscopic particles of glass-like rock dust that shredded the inside of your lungs with every breath you tried to take. The snow continues to fall and there is the silence of a grave yard decending upon the city that you once called home. Mt. Vesuvius was a beautiful neighbor. Your home had a magnificent view of it’s gorgeous snow covered peaks. The orange and red hues that covered the mountain when the sun set were breathtaking. Almost as breathtaking as the ash in your lungs that killed you. The same ash that has now has entombed you right where you collapsed. “Maybe somebody will discover my body buried under this twelve to twenty feet of ask/rock in two thousand years” is something that might have run through your mind. It’s doubtful though.

Why the hell would I type this today? Pretty simple really. I just got back from a one day trip to Seattle Washington. 

WHERE THE SAME THING IS GOING TO HAPPEN ONE OF THESE DAYS! (read it again and again until it sinks in)

Yes Seattle, That bustling city. Home of Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, and the 12th Man (which they stole from Texas A&M) You see, Seattle and Tacoma are sitting at the base of Mt. Rainier. A Volcano that the locals will say is extinct and the geologists say is active or dormant at the very least. The geologists even say it has a high potential for eruption. The same category Mt. St Helens is in presently. The mountain was once a beautiful cone shaped beast resembling Mt. Fuji in Japan, until it exploded. And what an explosion it was! Probably about the size of Mt. St. Helens in May of 1980. The resulting structure has reformed somewhat. The classical Mt. Fuji shape is gone and what is left is an active, growing pile of steaming rubble covered in snow three miles high. The structure of the mountain has grown weaker with it’s swelling and pulsing. The snow load on the peak is incredible due to it’s fourteen thousand foot plus (14,000'+) summit. Every now and then you can see steam actually rising from the “Vents” in the mountain. It is a modern day cataclysmic time bomb. A disaster of biblical proportions waiting to happen, again.

Pompeii had a population of about eleven thousand (11,000) people in 79 AD. 

There are over seven hundred thousand (700,000) residents in Seattle. Tacoma has about two hundred fifty thousand (250,00).

In Summary:

There are close to a million people living a few miles from an active and unstable volcano in the pacific northwest. This is a vital and vibrant metropolitan area in the most technologically advanced country the world has ever seen. When I asked a local riding on the light rail train to the airport about it, her reply was “But it is so pretty”.

Hey wait a minute, Isn’t That where Microsoft has it’s headquarters?

Who would have thought that a five hundred degree (500°) pyroclastic cloud killing and burning everything in it’s path would have a silver lining?

It's Only Just Begun..

Nope. This is not about the musings of some anorexic pop singer from the 70's.

It's political. Sorry about that.

It’s now four days until our new president is sworn in and already the shit is starting to hit the fan. This time it’s coming from all directions simultaneously. Thank you American Journalists.

The dimwits who voted for Hillary Clinton are still doing everything they can think of to de-legitimize Trump’s campaign and election. The latest, and most hypocritical, battle cry is that the Russians hacked a bunch of computers at the Deomocrat’s headquarters and used the information gleaned to sway the American electorate’s opinions and votes. It is now widely reported that the Russians hacked the Republicans in this election as well. Did they try to sway the election in favor of Donald Trump? Sure. Why not? The deafening cry of “That’s not fair!” is echoing through the land. How dare the Russians do this to our hallowed and sacred election process. We would never do ANYTHING like this.

Excuse me if I say bullshit.

(I feel better now. Thank you.)

Have you forgotten when our most holy and immaculate president Obama spent a little over 300 million dollars trying to disgrace and de-legitimize Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu? After the hostile rhetoric that was daily heaped on Israel by the President and his foul cabinet, the prime minister of Israel (our most important and greatest ally in the entire middle east) Mr. Netanyahu came to visit the United States to straighten things out between two of the world’s greatest nuclear powers. What did our Dipshit in Chief do? He refused to clear up his schedule to meet with his ally. He also condemned Mr. Netanyahu for meeting with the United States congress and began a media campaign in Israel attempting to discredit the current prime minister in his re-election campaign. How is this any different from what the Russians tried to do in our last election? Thank heavens that this is the last year we have to endure Obama’s March Madness bracket picks while the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Sure Mr. Trump won the electoral college vote but didn’t win the popular vote. That’s the way our system works. It’s done that way so we don’t succumb to “Mob Rule” I we elected presidents based on popular vote alone we would always have a president who was picked by a small portion of this countries electorate. The huge cites would get all of the campaign funds and attention and it would dilute the power of YOUR vote. Asking the appointed electors to vote against the wishes of they states they represent is not only unethical but illegal in most states.

Pretty much all of our former presidents have kept quiet about the administrations and cabinet picks made by the next president elect. It's the classy thing to do. It shows their level of maturity and that they were taught to respect their peers. Look at the river of diarrhea that has been flowing from this president's mouth since the November election. For the last eight years every time something went wrong or there was a difficult problem to be solved it was former president Bush's fault. It should be fun to listen to Obama squeal like a gutted pig when every problem in the upcoming four years is laid at his doorstep. Place your bets folks. Will he take it quietly and like a man like George Bush Jr. did? I seriously doubt it.

If you think that I am ranting against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their supporters you would be correct. This by no means is an endorsement of Donald Trump. Quite the contrary, I think Mr.Trump is as qualified to be president as another quasi famous television star, Arnold Ziffle. The only reason he was elected is that his aura and odor is just a bit less toxic than Ms. Clintons. I am don't know if I am more astound or offended or disgusted that he won the election. Probably the best term would be dumbfounded.

Build a 2,500 mile border wall? Are you Nuts?
Deport 11 million people? Are you nuts?
Impose a 35% tariff on foreign made vehicles. Are you nuts?
Ban immigrants with different religious beliefs from entering the country. Are you nuts?
It's acceptable to grab women by their genitals? Are you nuts?

I didn’t vote for either of these pathological liars. Unfortunately, by my living in The United States and being an American Citizen, Mr. Trump will be my president. I don’t like it one bit. But I will support my country and president when needed. 

I will not attempt to actively undermine his office or the duties he is required to perform. He deserves a chance. A chance to succeed or a chance to fail. I will judge him accordingly then. In the meantime, I wish someone would take his smartphone and/or twitter account away from him. Sometimes the best way to get a point across is to keep your mouth closed and your thoughts to yourself.

Like I am one to talk there!