Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chemical Weapons……

I'm for them.

If you are going to try and kill something, what does it matter how you do it?

Raid, the pesticide, states in their commercials, "Raid, Kills Bugs Dead" That's kinda obvious isn't it? Doesn't the word "Kills " say it all.

The only reason I bring this up is because our silly president, and most of the world, is all upset with the Syrian government for using chemical weapons on the rebels in their current civil war.

I say let them use them. Let them use ALL of them.

War is an ugly and terrible thing. It's that way on purpose. War should be avoided at all costs. if you rebel against your own government, be it just or unjust, you should read the BIG print and be prepared to suffer the consequences. People will die, cities will be ravaged, someone is going to lose no matter what. What difference is there to being killed by an enemies bullet vs being gassed by the same enemy? Civilian casualties? That argument doesn't hold water as over a hundred thousand people have been killed in this conflict before chemical weapons were ever used. All either violent rebels or innocent civilians depending on who you listen to.

The ironic part, almost funny part of this whole mess is, where did such a backward ass country like Syria get these horrific weapons?

They got them from Iraq. Syria is where Saddam Hussein was hiding them.The same country who WE SOLD THEM TO in order to fight the Iran Iraq war. These are the same weapons that Saddam Hussein had when George Bush went after the Iraqis citing these weapons as the reason. All of you dumb-asses that thought there were no weapons of mass destruction and that Bush went to war just for oil and to prove how big his balls were should be eating some crow about now. That is if you have the guts and brains to admit you were wrong.

You Stupid, Stupid people. It's sad how blindly stupid you really are.

So what's gonna happen and what will happen, compared to what should happen? Of course you should ask me. I am the knower of things. Chuckie the wise. Never politically correct but usually right on target.

What is going to happen is that President Ineffective is going to fire between ten and fifty cruise missiles into Syria, at a million dollars a pop, to show the syrians that we won't stand for this sort of thing. What will happen is that nothing will be accomplished by this. The Russians and Iranians will get pissed off and oil prices will go up worldwide because there is another crisis in the Arab world. The only thing to come out of it is the president will try to save face saying at least he did something.

What should happen? For the good of the entire world, we should encourage the Syrians to use every drop of chemical weapons they have. Then they are all gone. They won't have them any more and the threat of them will disappear. If we could take President Asad out right now and let a democratic (mob rule) government take over we would be far worse off. How so? Well as in Egypt, those illiterate people would probably vote in a radical Islamic, pro Al Queida government that would support terrorism world wide. Can anyone tell me how that would be a favorable outcome. These nut case, hookah smoking, Koran thumping assholes running around now in control of these same chemical weapons? With their new governments blessing and encouragement? While we keep giving them foreign aide?

What about Israel? I hear you cry. Don't worry about them. They will be fine. They lost their faith and trust in us the moment President Ineffective was elected, as did the rest of the world. They have enhanced radiation nuclear weapons they can use. No one will seriously mess with them. Some fools will fire a few random rockets at them, but that's about all.

At least if we leave the Syrians alone and let them kill each other off they are not coming after us.