Friday, July 25, 2014

The Next Final Answer...

This time the final answer might cost us a little time and money.

Question:  Why are these children swarming the border of the southern United States?

Answer:  To get a better life and escape the horrendous living conditions in their own countries.

Pretty simple and straightforward. The United States has a higher standard of living than almost all of these third world cesspools that these kids are running away from. The shining light of freedom and charity is attracting them like moths to the flame. Our pathetic lack of an immigration policy that allows most anyone to lawyer their way into the US and stay here has caused the problem.

Just last night one of theses underprivileged kids who is in fear of his life was interviewed by a news reporter. The poor homeless kid in Central America pointed to a text message he received on his iPhone that detailed how to come to America and how to assure he would not be deported. I couldn’t believe it either. The kid had an iPhone! I don’t even have an iPhone! It seems the digital age is helping these children come to our country and they are coordinating their attack on us with cellular technology!

And there is nothing we can do about it.

Or is there?

Maybe we should seal the border and shoot a few of them. Let the world see a handful of children dangling on the wire being picked over by the vultures. Just think how powerful of an image it would be if the world had the opportunity to see a pile of dead illegal immigrant children set on fire at the border.

Pretty disturbing image isn’t it? You are probably pissed off at me for even thinking it let alone publishing it on my little Blog.

And that’s exactly what I want you to think and feel.

The point is, social media is feeding this swarm. Our technology has partially caused this problem. Maybe we should use it to our advantage for once?

We need to develop  a secret program (our government loves secret programs) that creates a few videos showing the above scenes. They get leaked to the news media in this country and around the world. The videos go “viral” and the word gets out that ranchers and land owners on the border are committing terrible atrocities on these children and the United States government is not able, or willing, to stop them.

Maybe if this country was a little less attractive these children and their parents, would think twice about sending their children on a journey on foot through Mexico to get here.

If special effects and Hollywood can make us believe in extra-terrestrials, transformers and Zombies, Why can't we fake a few horrific inhumane videos?

Hell I don’t even like to go to Mexico on vacation anymore let alone walk the length of the country barefoot,

with an iPhone.