Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Water on the Brain...

Once again the current record California drought has made the national news. 

It seems all the self proclaimed geniuses have decided that dumping millions of 3” plastic floating balls into their reservoirs will stop the evaporation of their dwindling water supply. In one water pond alone they have dumped in 97 million of these things that look like floating Bocci balls. The cost so far? Thirty eight million bucks. You read it correctly, $38,000,000 in this one reservoir alone.

How many more lakes are they going to drop these plastic time bombs into? They don’t hurt the environment is what the state government is telling everyone. How many times have we heard THAT kinda SHIT before? I can remember when plastic Nalgene bottles were safe before anyone knew what BPA was. Remember "nine out of ten doctors prefer Camels"? "Here is a prescription for Thalidomide to help you sleep through your morning sickness. It’s perfectly safe”. The list goes on and on.

How many times have we stated a product is safe with our current knowledge of chemistry and physiology only to find out later that we were wrong? Dead wrong. How many times will be be able to afford to do stupid shit like this without regard of the consequences, without even a clue to what said future consequences might be?

Maybe some of the people who have caused the severe water shortage in California should do the environmentally correct and responsible thing and move the hell away! That part of the continent NEVER could support the population that is living there now. They have had droughts since the beginning of time and have always managed to build more reservoirs, aqueducts, and water pipelines into the state. The simple answer was and is to just buy more water from somewhere else.

But what happens when you can’t afford it or there is no more water to buy? Tax the shit out of the rest of the country to make up for your own reproductive incompetence? Steal the water from neighboring states? Bitch loudly about how it’s anyones fault but your own? All the above?

As usual I have to come up with the intelligent answer.

Tax the shit out of the Californians and use the cash to build desalination facilities. It’s not like California doesn’t have miles of coast line to suck salt water from the ocean. Sure it isn’t cheap, but it does work, has been proven safe and will solve the problem until the population explodes there again. Use the money from the plastic balls program to kick start the massive building campaign. I’m sure with some creative incentives those liberal assholes could find a way to extract the cash from their citizens.

Hell if you sucked enough water from the oceans just maybe the sea levels will stop rising and they would save the planet. (More idiotic, junk science logic)

Nah, that wouldn’t work. California would then probably send an invoice to Florida for saving those idiot waterfront dwellers from drowning….

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's Wrong with America.

I’ll tell you.

No one else will because they are too sensitive or too caring.

We have lost our creative abilities.

Take this toxic mine waste water spill in Colorado.

If I lived there, I would buy as many baby food jars as I could find/afford/carry and bottle that yucky water and sell that shit for ten dollars a cup. Think of the fun you could have and the money you could make selling that shit on the internet. I’d buy some right now just to put on my mantle.

Ten bucks a cup or twenty bucks a quart.

Sort of like the kids who sold a couple of dump trucks full of volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helens for ten bucks an ounce and made millions of dollars.

I would lock up on the internet and make insane amounts of paypal quick cash.

Why is it that I have to think of this stuff? The fact that I do think of this and no one else does is what's wrong with America.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Let's Make a Deal.....

The Iranian Deal…

It seems I haven’t been preaching politics enough lately as people are still spouting foolish things on social media. As it’s my duty to educate and enlighten the world, I therefore submit…

The Iran Nuclear deal is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Our President has assured that Iran will have nuclear weapons probably THIS year. Yes you read it right. THIS YEAR!

You think I am crazy? Well just try and use the small percentage of your brain you didn’t destroy with dope in high school for a minute. Ready? Here goes.

What are the ways a country can gain access to a nuclear weapon?

#1 Spend years on research and untold amounts of treasure on talent and equipment to develop the technology allowing the enrichment of uranium or plutonium and then construct a deliverable weapon.

#2 Steal the technology through espionage and follow step one, sort of like how the Russians did back in the late 1940s.

#3 Steal a weapon from an insecure facility somewhere in the world and transport it secretly to your own facilities for placement on a yet to be built delivery system.

#4 Buy one from some unscrupulous country or dictator who’s ideals and goals match yours. This would require a lot of balls and a huge amount of cash.

There you have it. The current deal the president want’s you to swallow puts severe limits on Iran’s ability to research and manufacture a nuclear weapon for at least 10 years. After that, he’s out of office playing golf and all bets are off. So option #1 is out. So is option #2 because the same technologies needed to utilize the stolen information would be covered by the treaty. Option #3 is pretty much impossible as most nuclear weapons are pretty well guarded and easily traceable.

Then there is option #4. This is the unspoken nightmare scenario that our dipshit leaders have over looked.

When we agreed to lift the trade sanctions against Iran, even before they have complied with all their requirements of this deal, we gave them the golden ticket. With the sanctions lifted they will now be able to sell hundreds of millions of dollars of oil to countries around the world. This is cash they didn’t have access to under the US led sanctions. In addition their foreign assets amounting to almost a billion dollars will be released back to them.

So we have now given the leaders of Iran a faster and more direct way to acquiring a nuclear weapon. Who would sell it to them? That’s pretty easy. Any cash strapped country that has the technology already. Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, maybe even India. Add in a country or two that doesn’t look favorably on Israel and the deal is done.

No wonder the Iranians are tickled shitless with this deal they muscled past our idiot leaders. It will save them billions of research and construction dollars and get them to their goal of “Wiping Israel off The Map” years sooner than anyone would ever think.

So the leading country in the "State Sponsored Terrorism" race has now been given the ability to use nuclear weapons against their future targets. Read that again before you go to sleep tonight. Better yet, imagine said nuclear weapon was aboard one of the aircraft that took down one of the twin towers on Sept. 11th. Maybe 5 million people killed in New York City would get your attention.

Yup. Our president is doing a wonderful job alright. He sure has you fooled.

Gotta love that "Hope & Change"

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Coerced Retraction?

Well the plot has thickened.

I just received an email from the folks at the restaurant where Mr. Shatner and his entourage ate and left without paying their bill. 

In the email they were quite upset and related to me that Mr. Shatner’s crew HAD paid his tab and left them a “very good gratuity” Apparently they also gave out two $100.00 gift cards to winners of a poster contest that was held so their day was a positive day cash register wise.

Apparently they never realized that I was going to publish the story they told and are afraid of negative feedback, or the whole event was fabricated and meant to be a great story to tell customers as they stopped for dinner. I'm not sure which is true. Their email also said that they didn't appreciate the negative attention my blog post created and had already had a documentary film crew cancel visiting their establishment.

My post was up for 27 hours total and had 18 individual visits. A dozen of which are people I personally know. So out of the remaining six people who saw my post one was a documentary film producer who decided to cancel his meal plans at said establishment? And all this happened on a Saturday afternoon in Holbrook Az from my little blog posting?

That sounds overly embellished as well. 

So it seems I have been duped. I related an honest story as it was told to me and the party of 10 people at our table by our overly enthusiastic waiter. I have since removed the offending story as the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt an honest business struggling to make it on America’s “Mother Road”.

I will also, as a courtesy, remove any references to their establishment in the forthcoming book that is being written about our Route 66 travels. The review that we had prepared of their establishment was extremely favorable and it’s a shame it won’t be seen. As offended as they are about being mentioned in my blog, it pales to compare to the bad taste left in my mouth after being openly and publicly lied to by their employees.

As for you readers, I have documentation of the related incident including statements, dictated and recorded by our waiter and the gentleman at the cash register. They were more than happy to let us pay for Mr. Shatner’s lunch and thought the idea of me posting it on the internet was funny.

Everyone who wonders why I carried that dictaphone with me everywhere should now understand.  It would seem pretty stupid to make false statements to a person holding a recording device who asked you to make a recorded statement for him.

It’s a shame an over zealous waiter needed to fabricate a story such as this to entertain his customers. You would think the history of Route 66 would provide plenty of stories to relate rather than slander a public figure.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Raisin Fusion?

While goofing around on the internet recently, I have uncovered a disturbing trend. I think it comes from the lack of science and mathematics being taught in our public school systems.

The amount of “Junk Science” floating around the internet is staggering. Everything from cleaning up the ocean and electric cars to solar powered roads, man made climate change and recycling. Everyone has an opinion or belief that they are absolutely convinced can and will change the world. No amount of factual data will convince these new unqualified experts they could be wrong or mislead.

It seems the internet has spawned a new form of fiction that has a huge readership. If you can make something believable, no matter how impossible or stupid, you can become an internet sensation. Never mind basic physics or simple things like gravity and friction. All you have to do is find a silly cause, make up an even sillier solution and hit the send button. Every scientific genius on Facebook will share your idea and you will become instantly famous. If enough uneducated people hit your site, it will go “Viral” and may even get picked up by the mainstream media. That ensures the cycle will continue.

I guess this is just a natural human need to search for and maybe even achieve your personal 15 minutes of fame. Myself, if I have to be remembered for something I would hope it wasn’t for something stupid. Sure the toaster sized home nuclear reactor I am working on sounds like a good idea. After I am gone and it’s proven just how far fetched and idiotic an idea it really is, would it do my memory and legacy any justice? Do I want to be remembered as an idiot? Can I prevent that anyway?

When you put ideas out on the internet you are potentially reaching every person on the planet. Those thoughts are there forever (unless you are Hillary Clinton). You can’t get them back, scrub or sanitize them. Why doesn’t anyone think before they post such nonsense? All they achieve is world wide attention of their gullibility. 

The next logical question is: “But Chuckie, Look at the shit you post in your blog?” Fair point. The only difference here is no one READS my blog and I am acutely aware of what I post and my reputation. And I don’t care.

My Raisin powered home nuclear reactor will solve the energy crisis, reverse man made climate change, repair the drought damage in California and power your home. The raisin farmers will get hugely rich and the new world currency will be the Raisin.

If we mass produce this device, everyone of us would become their own private utility. We could sell our excess power back to the utility companies and the non believes would then be supporting us. We could even get the government to sponsor a tax break for buying one of these stupid inventions. Sort of like they do for electric cars.

It’s a simple process really. The toaster sized, brushed stainless steel box would sit on your counter. Every day you would drop a raisin into the hole on top and it would convert the organic material into electricity through the magic of nuclear fusion (or some other little understood process) The only “Waste Products” that it would emit are electricity, water and Velveeta cheese. We would use the electricity to power our computers for the internet and our Nintendo systems, the water we would mail to California and we would use the Velveeta to make broccoli palatable.

Maybe I can get some huckster like Elon Musk to market my idea, sell it to Congress and make a bazillon dollars from research grants. Meanwhile, look for more discussion about this project on the Weather Channel and the Internet.

Both are equally full of shit these days……….

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MY Latest Brainstorm...

It’s happened to everyone at one time or another. You have Blue Corn Flakes or some other high fiber cereal for breakfast. A healthy lunch with high fiber bread and let’s say beef bologna and cheddar cheese in your sandwich. Then a nice dinner of a lean steak, corn on the cob and a high fiber salad.

You kiss your beautiful wife good night and then go to sleep. Seems like a perfect day right?

I’m not done yet.

The next morning you awaken to birds singing, The smell of fresh coffee and maybe even blueberry pancakes on the stove. You head off to the bathroom for your morning constitutional and then it happens.

You sit down and start to push. Your bowels are straining and you begin to make some really funny faces. All of a sudden you fire out a turd about the size of a golfball and it splashes down not unlike a fat guy doing a cannonball from the high dive at a swimming pool. Your butt gets soaked. Hopefully you didn’t pee before launching this poop missile. You say some choice words, dry yourself off and low and behold you fire off another one!

Kinda ruins your whole morning doesn't it?

I hate this and yes I have thought of a solution.

Have you ever seen the high diving competitions on TV where the divers jump into a pool where there is compressed air making bubbles in the water? The bubbles break up the surface tension of the water making for a softer landing for the diver. Surface tension is the invisible “film” on top of the water that allows water bugs and lawn clippings and fly fishing dry flies to float on top of the water. If you break this up the water is softer and doesn’t splash as much. It’s not unlike the film on pudding or a thin layer of ice on a frozen lake.

So my idea is to manufacture a “Biffy Bubbler”. It is a toilet bubbler that will generate thousands of small bubbles in your commode while you sit down to do your business. It will be on a pressure switch so it only bubbles when you sit on the seat. It can be either 12 volt or a 120 volt plug in system. You could even get a kit to make it solar powered for those of you who are environmental nutcases. There could be a system to attach the bubbler to a tire pump so you can get exercise while you pinch your morning loaf. Eventually all the commodes in the world could have small holes in them and an air hose connection to allow whichever system you choose to be installed.

I hope to have a prototype available soon.

You can thank me later…

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

All About Cookies...

This whole news capturing, religious freedom nonsense in Indiana is over cookies. You heard me right, GOD DAMN COOKIES!

It turns out some people in Indiana went to a bakery and ordered some cookies that had rainbows on them for a homosexual get together. The owner and his deeply Christian family chose not to make the cookies for the group. They felt it violated their religious beliefs. Add a few lawyers and a political consultant or two and this stupid shit spiraled out of control. The media jumped on it and now every special interest group thinks they are going to be discriminated against. The new Indiana law doesn’t allow discrimination. It merely allows a business to not be bullied into making decisions contrary to the owners personal religious beliefs. Pretty simple really.

I suppose the Gay group who wanted those cookies had no other choice than to buy them at that specific bakery. I am sure there are no other bakeries in the city who could make cookies. They were just cookies with rainbows on them. What if they were for a child's birthday party? How did the the bakery owner know they were for a same sex couple/group/organization?  Is this really a fundamental right that has been violated? Who are we kidding here?

This whole thing sounds like a clever set up to me.

Suppose we consider the converse situation?

You and your same sex partner own a bakery. One day a group of rough looking bald guys in leather jackets come in and order ten cakes saying "All Faggots Must Die"or "Kill Queers". Do you serve them? What if you are of the Jewish persuasion and you get an order for 10 dozen cookies with swastikas on them? The potential for extreme examples here goes on forever. Say a Hindu eatery being forced to sell bacon or worse beef? Where do you draw the line? Does every group that squeals the loudest get what they want?

Of course this can be traced back to religious nut cases and the news media who will take anything they can find and whip it into an earth shattering crisis just to make a buck. 

Government needs to stay the hell out of business and business needs to stay the hell out of government.


And now every self righteous business owner from Apple's chief asshole Tim Cook to the Mayor of San Fransisco and the Governor of Connecticut are threatening boycotts of Indiana because they respect the rights of business owners over the sensitivities of Gay people. The NCAA is even jumping on the free publicity bandwagon. You can bet your last dollar it will be a lead story on the national news tonight.

The last thing anyone should care about is who boinks who and why. It's nobodies business. If you openly broadcast what you do and are proud of it, then you get to take the consequences.

This is just more liberal vs conservative bullshit being stirred up in front of the next election cycle. The media is already asking potential candidates how they stand on this "important" issue. News reporters are now asking where the White House stands on this subject. I wish I was running for office. I would be glad to answer this question in public, on the news. I am sure they wouldn't air my views in prime time.

Mind your own business assholes...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Real Life Risk...TPP part 2

With the establishment of the TPP, a second part to my World Peace/Domination plan is needed. Although controversial, this plan will work and kill a bunch of ugly birds with the minimal amount of stone throwing.

The first thing we need to do is either arm Israel to the teeth and go in and wipe out ISIS and scare the shit out of Iran or abandon Israel totally and threaten the shit out of Turkey.

If we arm Israel and get Neutron Bomb serious with ISIS, we get rid of that silly Islamic terrorism threat once and for all. We would secure Israel and have troops and weapons in the region to protect the Bosphorus Straits. This would also put the fear of Allah into Iran and force them to behave until the next gutless, tree hugging Democrat was elected President of the United States.

If we abandon Israel, they will act on their own to take care of the ISIS and Iranian problems while we let Turkey know that we will drop them from NATO and leave them to become the latest Russian peasants standing in line for toilet paper and a monthly loaf of bread. We would still be able to close the straits with air power from nearby bases in NATO supporting countries and we wouldn’t have to deal with Turkey acting like they are in charge. Come to think of it, Do they even use toilet paper?

For those of you asleep in history class in high school, The Bosphorus Straits are the only way the Russian’s Black Sea (warm water) Fleet can get to the open Atlantic Ocean. The Russian’s took Crimea so they could get a warm water port for their military operations. Without the 2 mile wide straight through Turkey, their entire North Atlantic fleet is bottled up in the Black Sea. Essentially a large bathtub able to threaten no one. As more than six thousand Russian oil tankers use this strait a year, this would choke off one of Putin’s major sources of foreign cash flow as well.

Remember, Turkey is letting ANYONE into the region across their borders to join ISIS. This includes foreign fighters and little girls. The only time they appear to be on our side is when they need our help to let the Kurd’s go in and try to expand their territory at everyone else’s expense. If we were forced to bomb the straits to bottle up the Russian’s, Istanbul would be cremated as well. Turkey would NEVER want that to happen. So that’s another chip in our pile on the table.

So let’s see here. In two blog posts I have:

•Solved the Russian-Ukrainian war threat stopping Russian expansion
•Supplied relief to starving and freezing Ukrainian’s and Poles
•Increased American oil profits and dropped gasoline prices at the pump
•Increased the value of your oil rich 401K plan
•Eliminated the ISIS issue and Radical Islam
•Shut down the immigration routes to ISIS through Turkey
•Bottled up Russia’s powerful Black Sea Fleet.
•Addressed and minimized the Iranian issue

All without declaring war on anybody and with minimum investment.

And also, I might add, before lunch.

It’s a shame that no one reads my blog. If any of our government officials could read, these ideas might stand a chance. I am sure CBS would rethink my application to replace Andy Rooney if they did. I would work for them for 1/2 his final salary.

The TPP part 1…..

You read it correctly. My solution to the Baltic Crisis and an end to Russian expansionism in eastern Europe. It’s so simple that it’s no wonder it took me, a simpleton,  to think of it.

The Trans Poland Pipeline.

We finance and build a natural gas pipeline across Poland from Gdansk to Lublin and over the border into Ukraine. We can dock LPG super tankers in Gdansk, offload their liquefied petroleum gas into the pipeline and pump it safely to the Ukraine.

Think of the benefits. First we keep the Ukrainians from freezing to death when Russia shuts off their natural gas supply. Second, the Polish economy would be propped up by the construction and maintenance as well as administration of this new pipeline. Third, the Russians wouldn’t have the stones to attack it or interfere with it’s construction or operation due to fear of our retaliation. Fourth is we get an untapped market for our burgeoning supply of natural gas.

The oil companies profit from the new sales. Before you bitch about that, just remember how heavy your 401K is invested in oil companies not to mention the easing of gas prices we will see due to their increased success. The shipping companies will make money due to the constant transportation of LPG to the Baltic region. We would undoubtedly have some tariff cash coming from the project as well. American technology would be used to build it so therefore American consultants and engineers would be required. More cash to this country.

And not the most important factor but funny none the less. It would be painting Putin’s major hemorrhoid with a big old brush of AMERICAN Tabasco Sauce!

By doing this we counter Russia’s stranglehold on the Ukraine. We would strengthen our relationships with Poland and the Ukraine. We would also have an excuse for arming both strategic countries to the teeth in preparation for the inevitable Russian tantrum. Think of this sort of as the polish Panama Canal project but without the mosquitoes. We build it, defend it and profit from it.

This is all part of my plan for American Global Domination. I’ll reveal  more of it in another post. I have the answers for the Middle East Crisis as well. All of these strategies would work together to rid the world of terrorism and squelch the thugs of the world like Putin and that inbred man-child that’s running North Korea.

Oh shit I forgot one thing:

This will all have to wait until after 2016 when hopefully someone with some fucking balls and a little knowledge of world history is elected to the White House. This obviously precludes Hillary Clinton who has neither.

The only downfall is by the end of this next election cycle it may be too late to pounce on this amazing opportunity. Our current ineffective president may have fumbled the ball away on the goal line just as we were about to score the winning touchdown with two seconds left on the clock.

Why the football metaphor? Simple, both the United States and Canada have professional football leagues and we can’t seem to build a fucking pipeline between them in our own back yard all because of a recent Presidential Veto.

Stay tuned for part two.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The BCF...

Does the following equation look familiar to you? You are bombarded with it every single day by your amateur weather clowns on TV. This one little formula is what allows a talentless face on your six o’clock news to make a mundane story sound like a world ending crisis.

Yes constant reader, I am talking about the dreaded “Wind Chill Factor” This is the official formula for it’s calculation.

WC = 35.74 + 0.6215T – 35.75(V^0.16) + 0.4275T(V^0.16)

This one little formula allows a boring science nerd a few minutes or earth shattering glory during your evening newscast. All he/she has to do is plug the current observations into a handy chart and BINGO, instant headline.

“Clear and cold this evening with a temperature of 10°, BUT A WIND CHILL OF 30 BELOW ZERO! doesn’t that sound a lot more impressive and important? Holy shit! The world is coming to an end! It’s cold here in Montana in the winter, but factor in the wind chill and it’s a wonder how man has even evolved on this planet.

Wind chill is what the temperature feels like on bare skin with the wind factored in. That’s it. If the temperature outside is 10° and there is a 50 mph wind, the temperature of that hunk of metal you pick up is going to be 10°. NOT -17°.  If you go outside to pick it up naked you are too stupid to be alive and you deserve to freeze to death anyway.

Sure the Wind Chill Factor (WCF) is an interesting number, but it’s thrown around these days as if it were the atomic bomb of meteorology. This winter it gets reported even before the regular temperature just to make a bigger and more impressive splash on your mind.

Of course I have a better idea. You just knew I would.

It’s called the BCF. The “Ball Chill Factor" or the "Boob Chill Factor". Take your pick, it's not gender specific.

It’s what the temperature would feel like on your naked balls or boobs with the wind factored in. Due to the extreme sensitivity of these important (and fun) organs this is going to have to be a big scary number.

BCF= (T)x(WCF)-(T)

For example: if the outside temp is 20° and the WCF is 10 below zero. Multiply 10 and 20 and you get 200. Subtract the original 20 and you get a BCF of 180°. Add a minus sign and there you have it. A super scary number that is sure to get everyone’s attention during the six o:clock amateur broadcast of “Action News” or “Eye Witness News”

So lets see here: Outside temp is -20° with a 40 mph wind, the WCF is -57° but the BCF would be -1120°!

Now you gotta admit that a number like that would scare the hell out of you and make you buy whatever commercial shit for winter stuff they threw on from the Home Depot after the news!

If the news assholes really wanted to impress me they would have a hot chick in a white lycra bikini top outside doing the weather in the cold wind and let me make up my mind how cold it really is by a more accurate and reliable form of thermometer.

An alcohol filled laboratory grade thermometer calibrated in Fahrenheit.

What did you think I was referring to?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Plague Ship...

OK, I will admit it, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I freely admit that sometimes I don’t think things all the way through. I do promise that when I do screw up I will fess up to it and take responsibility for my words and actions. Hell, if no one ever made a mistake, no one would ever learn anything.

I have been through quite a bit in my lifetime illness wise. I had pneumonia when I was a baby, broken bones as a kid, had my wisdom teeth gouged out of my head, prostate issues in college. I had a pretty bad head injury in college as well where everything I saw was the color green for a while.

Later on it was diverticulitis, and then some pretty ugly heart issues. If you look at my cardiac history I am probably the only one anywhere that has had a quadruple bypass, 14 cardiac caths with 5 stents and intra-cardiac CD34 stem cell injections.

Why am I telling you all this? Pretty simple really.

For Wifey’s birthday I took her on a 4 day Bahama cruise on the Carnival Fascination. At more than seventy thousand tons (70,000) in her day (1994) she was the third largest cruise ship in the world. This big ass ship holds over two thousand guests and nine hundred crew!

We had an absolute blast!

Where I screwed up is that I haven’t really been exposed to large groups of people for more than two years. Since my heart started going south more rapidly I have been a homebody. My immune system has gotten pretty relaxed since I don’t have any outside public interactions anymore.

The result is that when I go on a cruise ship with two thousand people from all over the world for four days I am going to come down with something. Tuberculosis, Ebloa, Okeechobee Possum Flu, Monkey Pox, whatever it is I’m susceptible.

So here I am living with the cough and congestion one day after returning from an awesome vacation. Am I going to go on Judge Judy and sue Carnival? Am I going to try and blame someone else for my lack of foresight? Am I going to stop wearing a Speedo when sunbathing?

Nah. I’m just going to go to Walgreens and buy some of the real NYQUIL and suffer for not wearing a HAZMAT suit and respirator on the ship!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Shot in the Dark.....

In 1998 there was an article published in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet linking the Measles vaccine to an increased number of children diagnosed with Autism. The author of the study, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, used very shoddy and inconclusive scientific methods to support his findings and the whole anti-vaccine movement was born.

Turns out his research findings didn’t hold up. And it was later revealed that he was being paid by a legal firm to come up with the conclusions he published. The Legal firm was currently suing the manufacturer of the a Measles vaccine and needed scientific data to back their legal argument.

In 2010 the publishers of The Lancet retracted the article and apologized for it’s inclusion in their journal. The said they felt they were intentionally deceived.

The upshot of this fraudulent  shit is that today parents are refusing to have their children vaccinated against deadly diseases that we once thought we had eradicated. Measles, Polio, Small Pox, German Measles are all making comebacks in un-vaccinated children.

Which is fine with me. Really it is.

I’m a libertarian. You can do with your body and your children whatever you want, within reason. You don’t want to eat meat? No sweat. You want to smoke? Go for it. You want to earn a Darwin Award for being stupid? Knock yourself out. My philosophy is do whatever you want until it affects me. There are laws against child abuse and child cruelty in our society. Failure to vaccinate a child could be construed as to breaking these laws. But I don't care.

Don’t want to put your kids in car seats? Let them go through the windshield during an accident. Chances are they would grow up stupid like their parents and be a burden on society anyway. Stupid people endangering their offspring in stupid ways is just nature throwing a little chlorine in the gene pool. Idiots doing foolish things that get themselves killed is NATURAL. Most of the time it’s fun as hell to watch!

And I’m OK with that.

Don’t vaccinate your children if you don’t want to. All I want you to do is sign a waiver stating that you will be solely responsible for the medical bills your child incurs. No Medicaid, no Obamacare, no use of free public medical facilities whatsoever. Your insurance company gets to deny paying these claims because you put your child at an unreasonable level of risk. You have the right to choose therefore you are required to accept the consequences. Can’t pay? Oh well. One less mouth to feed. Bury them in the back yard and live to be stupid another day. Just don’t try and do it on my dime.

Let the un-vaccinated children go to school. Let their stupidity bred illness infect the other un-vaccinated offspring of the moron brigade. This is our chance to let nature do what it does best. Culling the herd, weeding out the runts of the litter.

It isn’t a matter of cost, most health departments provide the vaccines to the under privileged for free. It’s just a case of stupid public hysteria over a subject most people are to lazy to research properly.

Cruel? Yup. Fair? Completely.

What could be more fair than the stupid dying off so the intelligent can survive?