Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Mis-Direction Chronicles.....

The word you are looking for is Serendipity. Easily defined as the ability to see the forest for the trees. The ability to see the obvious. It's amazing how few people have this ability these days.

The United States has been under constant and intense "Cyber Attack" from supposedly the Chinese military lately. Hundreds of America's largest corporations are being hacked as well. Our trustworthy government has told us that the Chinese are infiltrating all of our computer networks and that no one is safe.

Did you smell the sarcasm in that use of the word "Trustworthy"?

Follow me here, this might lose you or worse,  make complete sense and scare you silly.

The President  is meeting with the Chinese premier this week. Supposedly the topic of their infiltrating our businesses and government computers is going to be primary issue of discussion. If it's true these are serious and dangerous allegations that could effect the balance of power in the world today.

Funny how the Benghazi scandal, The Fast & Furious Fuck Up, The Eric Holder lying to Congress issue and the IRS targeting Obama's political enemies list, all seems to have disappeared. The same Justice Department who just went after a Fox News reporter for being a "co-conspirator" in a serious news leak scandal may be involved in it again. They certainly will be involved in the future cover up of this next one, and it's a doozy!

Now we find out from a small newspaper in England that the National Security Agency has been gathering data from American telephone companies about the usage of smart phones. They call it MetaData. They are looking for patterns in calls to see if they can find any links to terrorists. They have also uncovered that some of the largest technology companies on earth, Microsoft, Apple,  and Google, etc. are involved as well and that they are cooperating willingly. All of these companies vehemently deny the allegations.

A tiny newspaper in London found that? A tiny newspaper in London found that out and then published the information the same week Obama is meeting with the Chinese about Cyber security?

All of the other issues and scandals which make the Watergate break in and subsequent cover up look like a little girl's tea party, have been forgotten. We had a President RESIGN THE OFFICE for far less than this.

The two scary parts of this are:

1. If the United States government is spying on and gathering information on it's own citizens covertly, OUR Constitution is being shredded from within and we have no chance to survive as a country or as free citizens.

2. If the information about the NSA looking at all that data from our cell phone companies and technology companies isn't true and was leaked to a tiny (57 employee) British newspaper just to spite the US news outlets and to distract the American public from the real scandals that are occurring is the case, we are screwed beyond  option #1. Kinda frightening huh?

I wonder how long this will be allowed to stay on-line seeing how the blogging site is owned by Google?

Remember where you heard this first in case they really do come and get me.