Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh My Papa...............

It is with great pleasure that I introduce my loyal Blog fans to the man who made me. Some of you have met my Dad and it is a great privilege to have him as my “Guest Blogger” for this installment.

So here is my Dad’s most hated list of this decade.

1)      The “U-Know Birds”. Them Dummies who can’t speak a sentence without inserting a verbal comma splice between every 2 or 3 words.

2)      The “24-7 Orators”. About as annoying as the U-Knows.  DUMB!

3)      The “Gigglers” More dummies who end every sentence with a string of “tee-hees” no matter if their statement was that, a question or a one worder. DUMB!

4)      Re-sealable Baggies. The seal mechanism reduces the open ends area enough to prevent a full head of lettuce from fitting inside a gallon size bag. The slider seal variety is even worse and both cost more than the tie-tie design. DUMB!

5)      TV pandering lawyers hocking themselves and their co-horts. Doing you a favor, fattening their wallets and screwing someone else is the end result. DUMB!

6)      Greedy CEOs who have managed to engineer their own financial position far in excess of their own worth and value to their employer. DUMB!

7)      “Scammers & Spammers” The lowest of all lows who have poisoned the internet into a written cess-pool. DUMB!

8)      Food Packaging. Another long time misery. Often it is impossible to get the product out of it’s packaging but if one succeeds the wrapping is usually ruined which requires the purchase of baggies to preserve the remainder. DUMB!

Thanks for the input Dad! If you ever need to vent again I will always be happy to post your thoughts.