Friday, August 1, 2014

Another final answer...

Why? I ask again and again.

With all the intellectual horsepower this country has floating around, why is it that only I can come up with intelligent answers for today's problems? I’m not that bright a guy. This makes me feel that our elected officials and high priced talent in government is not really worth what we are paying them.

A perfect example. The illegal immigrant problem along the southern US border. We are being milked to death trying to pay for all these illegal children streaming across the border. The feds and even local county governments are coming up short of cash trying to take care of these parasites.

The answer is beyond simple. Hell I thought of it. How difficult could it be?

Last years we gave:

Belize                   $28,300,000.00
Costa Rica            $38,000,000.00
El Salvador         $280,000,000.00
Guatemala          $391,800,000.00
Honduras            $624,000,000.00
Mexico               $958,200,000.00
Nicaragua           $695,000,000.00

Total                $3,015,000,000.00

For those of you challenged by zeros, that’s Three Billion Fifteen Million dollars.

Source is Wikipedia and

So you see, the cash is there already. We are giving it to these countries as foreign aid. Why don’t we just figure out a fair price per kid and just use it for these parasitic children here? You don’t think this would get the attention of all these mosquito infested cesspool countries who just line their leaders pockets with our charitable aid?

I would even go so far as implementing an economic embargo against Mexico as well as withholding foreign aid for their participation in the trafficking of these kids through their country to invade the United States. Sure we would piss off Carnival and Royal Caribbean for a while, but as soon as Mexico's tourist industry starts to feel the pinch the problem will be quickly solved.

Everyone wins, The states get reimbursed for the kids the feds are forcing on them, The government gets some cash for their work sheepherding these parasites, and it costs us nothing beyond what we are already spending.

Then our simpleton President gets to register more future Democratic voters when they make it to citizenship.

Whoda thunk it?