Friday, November 15, 2013


You just ain't seen nothing yet.

The words of Randy Bachman never rang truer.

What the hell is Chuckie talking about now? I know he is always 20 minutes into the future like Max Headroom, but where is this going?

I'll tell you.

Just remember that when you are up all night, tossing and turning because I inserted another frightening thought into your skull, you asked for it.

The best fact about the Affordable Healthcare Act's numerous problems are that the President continues to say he didn't see these issues on the horizon. Does it need to be pointed out that these have been some pretty big and hairy "Glitches"? How can you sit there and say you didn't see them coming or were not made aware of them?

He has said in his half-hearted, smug and weak apology for lying to the American people yesterday, that if he had foreseen these problems they would not have released the website when they did. That's all well and good, if you buy an apology from someone who is a pathological liar. If these gargantuan problems were not foreseen or anticipated with the individual healthcare mandate can you imagine how huge a problem it would take to show up on their RADAR? Never mind the T-Rex coming down the street towards you, have you filled out your college basketball bracket yet?

Buckle up Boys and Girls. I am about to let the 900 pound starving rabid tiger out into the playground.

There is a huge portion of the affordable Healthcare Act that is so flawed and so poorly conceived that it's implementation was delayed a full year. It's the Employer Based Healthcare mandate portion of Obamacare.

You see, right now most people, productive working, tax paying Americans, get their health insurance from their employer. They pay a portion of their wages for the privilege of being covered by a group policy that their employer negotiates with an insurance company. Once the new government system goes into effect these policies will need to meet the government's new standards. Do you know what those standards are? Does anyone know? What are they going to cost? Just like the folks who started to get cancellation notices from their insurance carriers because their personal policies didn't meet the new federal guidelines, we are all potentially going to get this colonoscopy from the feds.

And the really shitty end of the stick that we will all get to hold is that where does the employer get the cash from you to pay for the insurance plan you signed up for? That's right, it comes out of your paycheck before you even see it. So the federal government is going to change the terms of the policy you will be required to buy and they hijack your paycheck to cover it. WITHOUT YOU BEING ABLE TO DO A THING ABOUT IT! If your employer doesn't want to deal with it, he simply drops the coverage from your compensation package and you have to then buy an individual policy from the government or get fined. Fined or penalized by guess who? The IRS.

Holy shit! I hear you cry! The same IRS agency who is hiring fourteen thousand (14,000) more federal agents to monitor and enforce this law.

This part of the great lie was so obvious and frightening to the President that he VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW to roll back it's implementation for a full year. That's right he broke the law. Since when does a president have the authority to change the "law of the land" with a stroke of his pen? Obamacare made it through the House and the Senate and the President signed it. It was challenged and survived the Supreme Court. Now President Obama get's to change it's parameters just to prevent business leaders in the country from complaining about it? Immediately before an important mid-term election? And soon the unions, who got this fool elected in the first place, will be wanting an exemption as well.  Are you kidding me?

What other laws is this tyrant thinking about modifying unopposed?

And who is going to stop him?

Sweet Dreams.....