Tuesday, March 31, 2015

All About Cookies...

This whole news capturing, religious freedom nonsense in Indiana is over cookies. You heard me right, GOD DAMN COOKIES!

It turns out some people in Indiana went to a bakery and ordered some cookies that had rainbows on them for a homosexual get together. The owner and his deeply Christian family chose not to make the cookies for the group. They felt it violated their religious beliefs. Add a few lawyers and a political consultant or two and this stupid shit spiraled out of control. The media jumped on it and now every special interest group thinks they are going to be discriminated against. The new Indiana law doesn’t allow discrimination. It merely allows a business to not be bullied into making decisions contrary to the owners personal religious beliefs. Pretty simple really.

I suppose the Gay group who wanted those cookies had no other choice than to buy them at that specific bakery. I am sure there are no other bakeries in the city who could make cookies. They were just cookies with rainbows on them. What if they were for a child's birthday party? How did the the bakery owner know they were for a same sex couple/group/organization?  Is this really a fundamental right that has been violated? Who are we kidding here?

This whole thing sounds like a clever set up to me.

Suppose we consider the converse situation?

You and your same sex partner own a bakery. One day a group of rough looking bald guys in leather jackets come in and order ten cakes saying "All Faggots Must Die"or "Kill Queers". Do you serve them? What if you are of the Jewish persuasion and you get an order for 10 dozen cookies with swastikas on them? The potential for extreme examples here goes on forever. Say a Hindu eatery being forced to sell bacon or worse beef? Where do you draw the line? Does every group that squeals the loudest get what they want?

Of course this can be traced back to religious nut cases and the news media who will take anything they can find and whip it into an earth shattering crisis just to make a buck. 

Government needs to stay the hell out of business and business needs to stay the hell out of government.


And now every self righteous business owner from Apple's chief asshole Tim Cook to the Mayor of San Fransisco and the Governor of Connecticut are threatening boycotts of Indiana because they respect the rights of business owners over the sensitivities of Gay people. The NCAA is even jumping on the free publicity bandwagon. You can bet your last dollar it will be a lead story on the national news tonight.

The last thing anyone should care about is who boinks who and why. It's nobodies business. If you openly broadcast what you do and are proud of it, then you get to take the consequences.

This is just more liberal vs conservative bullshit being stirred up in front of the next election cycle. The media is already asking potential candidates how they stand on this "important" issue. News reporters are now asking where the White House stands on this subject. I wish I was running for office. I would be glad to answer this question in public, on the news. I am sure they wouldn't air my views in prime time.

Mind your own business assholes...