Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The HIGHway to Hell.....

Freddie was dying, plain and simple. The motorcycle crash left him bleeding and unconscious by the side of the road. It was a good thing he was an organ donor, but then again, who want's organs from somebody stupid enough to ride his motorcycle drunk and without a helmet? Whose is to say his stupid genetic material wouldn't be transferred from his slowly dying kidneys to the lucky recipient of his donated organs? Now there's a pleasant thought.

The  paramedics arrived in what seemed like hours but were only minutes in reality. They immediately initiated CPR. They intubated Freddie (inserted a tube into his windpipe so they could get Oxygen to his lungs without out them getting filled with blood and other gross shit) and started looking for a vein to start the IV. Once the IV was going and they could get life saving drugs and fluids into his system, they might, just might have a chance to save "Fast Freddie" after all.

Freddie's blood pressure was to low to find a vein. It was starting to look bad for old Freddie. The paramedic controlling the airway then went ahead and administered his meds down the tube. Translation: Some medicines can be given down the endotracheal tube into the lungs where they get absorbed directly into the blood stream. Everyone knows this is the second fastest way to get some medications into the body.

The amazing and heroic paramedics saved Freddie that day. Just another day on the job and more stories to tell the girls at the bar later that evening.

The problem here is E-Cigarettes.

You see, the same therapy that saved Freddie"s worthless life is being used now to introduce nicotine into the human body with out all the perils and carcinogenic side effects of smoking. You squirt some of this liquid drug into the electronic coffin nail and then suck on it. All of the same effects of smoking, none of the stinky clothes and hair.

Beautiful, Right?

Wrong. Deadly wrong. This is just another way to introduce a drug or poison into the blood stream. Grind up a Valium, Xanax, Oxycodone or some GHB into a powder, dissolve with water or vodka and suck it into your lungs through this tube of death. Instant high, or low depending on the substance. No needle tracks means no risk of AIDS and the ability to wear a short sleeve shirt to a restaurant.

You are already seeing specialty stores opening up all over town that specialize and encourage and profit off of "Vaping" I'll bet there are a dozen in Jacksonville already. Soon the Emergency Rooms will start to fill with patients overdosed on all sorts of shit these new age assholes will try and suck into their bodies. You will see everything from nail polish remover to prescription drugs to Drano being ingested this way. No need to mention other, more common, lovely stuff like Ecstasy, Crack Cocaine, Heroin or Methamphetamines.

They need to nip this idiotic drug delivery device in the bud and fast. If your kids are doing it you better beat the shit out of them quickly before they overdose or get raped or killed. This is one thing that needs to be made illegal as soon as possible with extremely harsh penalties.

Oh "What about Freddie"? I hear you cry?

He recovered from his injuries and was shot in the head robbing a liquor store a year later.

C'mon, I had to think of something positive to end on didn't I?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Your Turkey is Cooked Now….

No one ever said in the movies.

I was at Publix yesterday shopping for my Thanksgiving dinner. This year my father is coming down from North Carolina and my Mother in Law will be joining us for the feast. You know the old turkey and dressing, cranberry mush and all the other stuff that goes along with it. A far cry from the Taco Bell I used to indulge in for Thanksgiving when I was in college.

I was thinking how Thanksgiving is such an American holiday. Regardless of your beliefs on what took place that day hundreds of years ago. Be it a slaughter of Native Americans or a hearty feast with our new native friends, the tradition has somehow endured.

This year I was thinking about shaking things up a bit. I have deep fried Turkeys for the past 20 years now. A pretty neat trick for a kid who grew up in Connecticut. I have even done a Turduckin just to see what the big deal was about. Wifey bought me a small deep fat fryer for the kitchen one year for Christmas and I have fried everything you can imagine. Be it pickles, Twinkees, Oreos, Snickers bars, I have dumped their asses in boiling hot oil! Hot dogs, chicken wings, mac & cheese, you name it, I have deep fried it.

If I don't take Wifey on a cruise this year over the December holidays to escape the madness I might try something different.

I was thinking of a Goose.

People have been eating goose for a lot longer than turkeys. Sure, some Indian assholes were gnawing on turkey legs here in America for thousands of years, but since when do they count? In Europe the big deal was the Christmas Goose. Ebeneezer Scrooge didn't throw that kid in the street a shilling to go buy the biggest turkey he could find did he? Nope it was a goose he wanted, and a damn big one.

So, resolved, a goose it is.

The only problem is finding one. Try going into Publix and picking up a goose to cook. It's impossible. I have ordered 100 pound hogs from Publix before without them batting an eye. I have even bought Octopus meat for my brother's Christmas present one year there as well. But ask about a goose and they look at you like you have been eating feral cats or wanted to skin Bambi alive.

So I guess now it's going to be me, sitting in the front yard with a case of beer, a loaf of bread and a shotgun looking to bag one of those big Canadian honkers that shits all over my sidewalk. Hopefully the Jacksonville Sheriff's office won't get all bent out of shape over me and my AK-47 Shotgun with a 20 round clip in it blasting vermin out of my front yard while stewed to the gills.

After all, it's heritage not hatred.

I'll keep you posted…..

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Other Shoe Dropping……

Is the sound you are hearing.

As I was sitting around thinking yesterday, I came upon a startling conclusion.

I am going to try and stop thinking because it can only get me in trouble.

Now that the government has conquered the auto industry and the banking industry, What's next? The insurance companies have already lost the ability to sell you private health insurance. Your personal health insurance will now be handled by the government, why not your auto insurance?

The government has already made it mandatory for you to carry a personal healthcare policy or you will get fined on your taxes. There already are state laws and some federal laws that require you to have auto insurance policies if you own a vehicle. Why not go after that market as well? They will certainly need the cash from the auto premiums to subsidize the failing Affordable Healthcare Act. The laws are already in place, your wallet open and the cash there for the taking.

And how about your life insurance premiums? Here is a way to snatch more money from retirees and most employees in the country. Complete taxation from cradle to grave. 100% monitoring of your lifestyle and activities by the government courtesy of the chip implanted in your body when you were born at the government hospital. Just like that thing Flo want's you to hook up to your car so she can see how fast you drive so she can increase your rates down the road. I'm sorry Mr. Chuckie, you went SCUBA diving last month, we are going to have to raise your policy premiums do to your risky behavior. Don't like it? Too bad. There are 14,000 (fourteen thousand) new IRS agents out there to make sure you comply.

This isn't a "Brave New World", This is the old Orwellian Nightmare coming to fruition right before our eyes.

At least if the auto insurance industry is controlled by the government they will be immune from lawsuits by pettifogging (look it up) attorneys. And then we won't have to look at those goddamn commercials from 1-800-Ask-Gary any more.

Sure that's a really small victory. It's kind of like remarking how nice the guy in the coffin looks at an open casket funeral.

Nice complexion but he's dead…..

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Stomach Ache with the Beatles…..

Yesterday, Oh my dinner seemed so far away
now I fear it has come back to play
Oh what did I eat back yesterday?

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be
The belly pain it has come over me
Oh Taco Bell what have you done to me?

But now I have to go
I dunno fourth time today.
I fear something's wrong as I run before I spray yea yea yea.

Yesterday, before I seemed to be A-OK
That's before I flushed my life away
at least I'll lose some weight this way
I hope this stops by my birthday.
The month of March is so far away……

Oh Yeah I, have got something
I don't think you understand
When I, use the bathroom
It smells like Pakistan!
Please don't touch my ha ha hand
Please don't touch my hand

Oh please come to see that it's for your own good
as we quarantine the whole neighborhood
Don't wanna touch my ha ha hand
Please don't touch my hand

My tummy rumbles, I go running inside
the feelings not unlike a massive landslide

I hope you, won't catch this something
from this sick, sick man
and don't eat  Burrito Grandes
or visit Pakistan.
I gotta wash my ha ha hands
Please always wash your hands
Pleas always wash you Hands hands hands hands

Friday, November 15, 2013


You just ain't seen nothing yet.

The words of Randy Bachman never rang truer.

What the hell is Chuckie talking about now? I know he is always 20 minutes into the future like Max Headroom, but where is this going?

I'll tell you.

Just remember that when you are up all night, tossing and turning because I inserted another frightening thought into your skull, you asked for it.

The best fact about the Affordable Healthcare Act's numerous problems are that the President continues to say he didn't see these issues on the horizon. Does it need to be pointed out that these have been some pretty big and hairy "Glitches"? How can you sit there and say you didn't see them coming or were not made aware of them?

He has said in his half-hearted, smug and weak apology for lying to the American people yesterday, that if he had foreseen these problems they would not have released the website when they did. That's all well and good, if you buy an apology from someone who is a pathological liar. If these gargantuan problems were not foreseen or anticipated with the individual healthcare mandate can you imagine how huge a problem it would take to show up on their RADAR? Never mind the T-Rex coming down the street towards you, have you filled out your college basketball bracket yet?

Buckle up Boys and Girls. I am about to let the 900 pound starving rabid tiger out into the playground.

There is a huge portion of the affordable Healthcare Act that is so flawed and so poorly conceived that it's implementation was delayed a full year. It's the Employer Based Healthcare mandate portion of Obamacare.

You see, right now most people, productive working, tax paying Americans, get their health insurance from their employer. They pay a portion of their wages for the privilege of being covered by a group policy that their employer negotiates with an insurance company. Once the new government system goes into effect these policies will need to meet the government's new standards. Do you know what those standards are? Does anyone know? What are they going to cost? Just like the folks who started to get cancellation notices from their insurance carriers because their personal policies didn't meet the new federal guidelines, we are all potentially going to get this colonoscopy from the feds.

And the really shitty end of the stick that we will all get to hold is that where does the employer get the cash from you to pay for the insurance plan you signed up for? That's right, it comes out of your paycheck before you even see it. So the federal government is going to change the terms of the policy you will be required to buy and they hijack your paycheck to cover it. WITHOUT YOU BEING ABLE TO DO A THING ABOUT IT! If your employer doesn't want to deal with it, he simply drops the coverage from your compensation package and you have to then buy an individual policy from the government or get fined. Fined or penalized by guess who? The IRS.

Holy shit! I hear you cry! The same IRS agency who is hiring fourteen thousand (14,000) more federal agents to monitor and enforce this law.

This part of the great lie was so obvious and frightening to the President that he VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW to roll back it's implementation for a full year. That's right he broke the law. Since when does a president have the authority to change the "law of the land" with a stroke of his pen? Obamacare made it through the House and the Senate and the President signed it. It was challenged and survived the Supreme Court. Now President Obama get's to change it's parameters just to prevent business leaders in the country from complaining about it? Immediately before an important mid-term election? And soon the unions, who got this fool elected in the first place, will be wanting an exemption as well.  Are you kidding me?

What other laws is this tyrant thinking about modifying unopposed?

And who is going to stop him?

Sweet Dreams.....

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All for Naught…….

It seems like only yesterday Wifey and I were on our Anniversary Trip cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were enjoying the fall colors of the trees, marveling at the wildlife we were encountering, and stunned that those asshole politicians in Washington had closed all the bathrooms on our route. Yup, those asshole DEMOCRATS shut down the government of the only remaining superpower on the planet.

Do you remember why? Of course you don't. You are an American and if it doesn't slow down your precious iPhone or interrupt your micro-brewed beer snobfest, it isn't on your RADAR.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a budget that funded the entire United States government except for the Affordable Healthcare Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The Democrats in the Senate refused that measure and the battle began.

A few days later the Republicans in the house changed their stance and sent a bill to the Senate saying that Obamacare only needed to be delayed a year because it was flawed and wouldn't work. It funded the rest of the government, just put off the mandate that individuals had to sign up for the program or pay a penalty. The Senate rejected this as well

The Senate is controlled by a majority of Democrats. And they ALL stood united against any changes to Obamacare and refused to negotiate with the Republicans on any of the measures it contained.

When the The Affordable Healthcare Act was passed into law it required everyone to sign up for an approved insurance plan by a certain date. The lying politicians promised that you could keep your own physician and you current insurance plan if you wanted to.

This pissed off some big business corporations, so rather than ruffle their feathers, the President just granted them an exemption for another year. WHICH IS ILLEGAL! The act also exempted congressmen and their staffs from having to join the program. The unions, who got Obama elected, are starting to bitch now because the lies they were told, and believed, are being exposed. They will get screwed as well. Can you guess what's going to happen next. I see another illegal presidential exemption rolling down the hill towards us.

So the final bill the Republicans sent over the the Senate funded the entire government, including Obamacare, with the only stipulation being that all citizens be covered by it's provisions. Representatives and Senators and their staff would be required to enroll also. You guessed it, The Senate rejected this idea as well. Meanwhile, the government continued to stay shut down.

Fast forward to today.

It was recently announced that Obamacare needs 37,000 (thirty seven thousand) enrollees a day for three months to make it's projected budget feasible. They had on the first day 6 (six) people sign up. At the end of the first week they had 248 (two hundred forty eight) people enrolled. The website didn't work properly, or even at all in some cases. The program is the laughing stock of the Tech world and no one knows when if ever it will be up and running properly. No wonder the administration was reluctant to release the enrollment numbers and had to be eventually sued by the Republicans to make them public.

Just as the Republicans feared and predicted.

If you could go back in time and stop Hitler from sponsoring the Holocaust, would you do it? If you could have prevented the attack on Pearl Harbor thus preventing our involvement in the Pacific war and the eventual use of atomic weapons, would you step up and do the right thing?

We have the most flawed and destructive piece of legislation being railroaded through a blind electorate since the Volstead act or the Trenton Pickle Ordinance. And we do nothing. We can see that the tunnel ahead is only painted on the side of the mountain, yet, we sill go racing full speed ahead down the tracks towards it.

The Coyote eventually learned that trick, so did Elmer Fudd.

Why haven't we?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Don't Like Spam...

A few weeks ago I sold a van on Craigslist. I did get my price for it in less than a week. I was pretty excited about how well the system worked, except for one minor problem.

It seems people have programs on their computers called "Bots" which go out and search the internet for email addresses to send porno spam to. I now get over 100 messages a day from people all over the world trying to get me to date them, buy something from them or wanting to do something to me!

He is a sample of some of the titles of the emails that hit my Spam Trap mailbox this morning:

Obamacare: Savings Start Now!
VA loan notice for, October 24, 2013
Increase Your Sexual Desire
Your new Mortgage payment could be….
Life is short. Have an Affair!
Am I Hot Enough To Hookup With? View My Profile Pics (NSFW) ~ My Info Available
Chat with Local Singles
Burial Insurance... Have Peace of Mind
You have 4 NEW FLIRTS
Can your girlfriend do what she can? Video is not safe for work.
Date Beautiful Russian Girls
Watch this video and women will want you
Meet a Lovely Russian Woman Today
Asian Beauties for
You have new mail from one of our super attractive members
Do you want to have more lovers?
3 questions that get all women horny
I'm at Samz Where r u?
Lonely? Want to Speed Date?
A woman on the network of CHEATERS wants to cheat
View Foreclosure Listings in Your Area
I'm looking for some No Strings Attached Fun!
Before/after photos of real people at the beach
Hook-Up with Hot Local Singles
View Photos of Black Singles Near You
A woman on the network of CHEATERS wants to cheat.

The really shitty part of this amusing distraction is that most of the emails come with an opt out button. If you no longer want to receive email from us click here. All that does is show the asshole who sent you the email that you actually opened it and read it, thought about it and decided to unsubscribe. They now KNOW you are real and open and read your mail. The avalanche of shit has only just begun! Soon the quantity of garbage in your inbox doubles or triples.

The really funny part is that anyone who knows me would realize how preposterous all this crap is! I don't need to date Russian women, I am very happy with my life, I doubt I could please two women at once, I don't need foreclosure data from anybody and I can't take Viagra and it doesn't work anyway!

If I ever win the lottery I am going to hire the the absolute best hackers I can find and turn them loose on all of these spammers. Give these bastards a taste of their own medicine for a change.

Or maybe I'll just automatically forward them all to my Buddy Joe's work email box in San Antonio for a laugh...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Newton, Is that you?

In 1980 I bought my first Apple II computer. What a cool machine that was. It had 4K of RAM and no disk drive. That was 33 years ago and now I  am finally fed up with Apple's Bullshit.

I have purchased something from just about every product line Apple has ever produced. I managed a company that serviced, sold and supported Apple products. I have converted hundreds of people from die hard IBM clone users to the Apple way of thinking. I never bought an iPhone as I thought, and still think, it's absolute insanity to pay that much money for a phone. I don't play that "keep up with the Jone's" nonsense. I am not defined by the gadgets I buy. I don't care about looking cool. I'm not that shallow.

And now Apple has taken a big, steaming hot dump on my head. Thanks a lot you hip California assholes.

You see, when the iPad was first announced I was like a kid at Christmas. I had magazine pages featuring this new gizmo cut out and I carried them around in my wallet. I bored the hell out of everyone I knew with my iPad obsession. Silly behavior for a 49 year old man, but everyone's bell is rung by different things.

I finally got my new toy about 6 months after it came out. It was and is amazing…..for the moment.

It has turned out that Apple is more interested in the iPhone market and in order to keep up with all the new fancy applications that iPhone users need to out cool each other, they have had to upgrade their operating system. It's the same OS that is used on the iPad.

So therefore my iPad won't run a lot of the applications that also run on the new iPhone. When an app like Motion-X GPS Drive, the coolest and best GPS navigation program for the iPhone and iPad, upgrades to run on the new iPhone it won't run on the old iPad.

And as all the current apps I have downloaded and used for the last couple years are upgraded, some of them won't work either.

The exciting and really shitty part is, I will not know which apps work until I need them and try to open them.

That's technology for you. I understand progress, I have an original iPad and Wifey has a brand new iPad third version. Her's will run a while longer I hope. I guess it depends on when the next version of the iPhone is released for all you stupid, mindless people who have to have the newest and coolest iPhone to play Angry Birds on.

And Apple's official response when I contacted support about this? Their answer was "Sorry, there is nothing we can do for you"

So there I am, sunk with a  four year old machine that is going the way of the Newton all because you people out there who have to have a new iPhone every year to out asshole your friends, or to make your kid look cooler in school than some other asshole's kids.

I hope your new iPhone irradiates your genitals so you are unable to breed and pollute the world with another generation of your shallow, inferiority complex infected spawn.

The next time you are lined up outside the Apple Store to buy another overpriced phone, I hope some one comes buy and throws a live hornets nest in the middle of your technology circle jerk.

Meanwhile the hunt for a new tablet continues.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tastes like Chicken$&^# to me….

This week the government of the world's remaining superpower was brought to a screeching halt because some of our elected officials couldn't pull their heads out of their asses long enough to take a breath.

It seems that the Republicans are pushing this effort to punish the population for an unpopular law they passed a few years ago that is going to bankrupt the country pretty soon. The Democrats want the law to go through so that every uninformed, indigent, unemployed and unwed mother will keep voting for them.

The result is that my anniversary trip next week down the Blue Ridge Parkway is going to get all fucked up. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Park. All of the National Parks are being closed because those assholes in Washington can't make their minds up and pass a simple bill. Simple bill my ass, it's just the continuing resolution to fund the bankrupt government is all.

So the parks are closed, some old war veterans can't get to see the memorial placed in their honor in the nation's capital, and the Panda Cam has been shut down.

Now just a God Damn minute here, The Panda Cam has been shut down?

You heard me right, That was the lead story on 6:00 news here in Jacksonville Florida, a city of over a million people. All they could find in the entire world that they felt was worthy of a minute and a half (eternity) of prime time television news was the Panda Cam's closure. They even interviewed people in the street for God's sake.

I couldn't give a shit about the Panda Bear. Sure they are cute, I saw a couple of them at the SanDiego Zoo a few years ago. There were people standing there weeping and climaxing all over the place looking at an animal that is to dumb to survive on it's own in the wilderness. Even when put on the endangered species list these creatures can't survive. They are pretty much too stupid to fuck or they roll over and squish their babies once the squirt one out after they do finally figure out how to fornicate. We even spend millions of dollars artificially impregnating them.

And I thought they tasted terrible as well. I went into Panda Express for a hearty lunch one day only to find out that they don't serve Panda meat at all. It's just the same old chicken, beef and cat and dog that all the Chinese restaurants around here serve. Maybe our silly government ought to sue them for false advertising and use the money recovered to pay off the national debt that is owed to, you guessed it, China.

And besides, how do we know the Panda Cam was photographing a real Panda anyway? Are you so sure that a government that spies on it's own people, records our cell phone calls,  lies about it's own finances, kills people with drone strikes, and turns the other cheek when a President admits to having an affair and soiling an intern's dress with his Presidential Spooge, would not place an animitronic bear in a cage for a webcam? Our government pisses away a lot more of our tax dollars on far stupider ideas than this.

Maybe we should have a septic tank cam?

We could place it in the US Congress......

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Timmy? Is that you?

Timmy was the kid across the street, You remember him, the cute kid who looked like Opey Taylor and was always such a terror. On Halloween, Timmy was the kid who tied toilet paper to your mailbox, He didn't knock it over with a baseball bat. He was a "Good" kid.

Timmy mowed your lawn, walked and fed your dog when you were on vacation, raked your leaves. To sum it all up, Timmy was the all American boy right down to the homemade slingshot in his back pocket.

Remember the night he had his first "Date" in the 7th grade? The school dance where his dad got all dressed up in a suit and tie and played chauffeur so they could impress the young lady Timmy was wooing. It was so much fun to stand in the driveway and watch this little man grow up in front of us.

I still remember signing his cast after he fell out of a tree and broke his arm. I remember it all.

That stupid go cart that made all that racket! The same go cart I fixed in my garage a dozen times. How could I forget the time when he carved his name in the fence out by my mailbox. It's still there. I see it every time I get the mail.

I remember the first time he started on the high school football team. We sat in the stands and froze our asses off as the kids played in the driving sleet, slipping and sliding all over the half frozen muddy field.

Off to college, an officer in his ROTC unit, an engineering degree, A new wife and a baby.

Timmy went into the army as he was deeply saddened when his country was attacked by terrorists on 911.

Yes, Timmy was an all American boy. He was our personal hero.

I wonder if he will pull the trigger?

You see, I recognize Timmy amongst the other soldiers. His red hair and freckles make him stand out. Timmy's army unit was deployed to "Keep the Peace"  during the budget protests we have been having lately. All these poor people want to do is let the government know that we are tired of standing in line and spending ten dollars for a gallon for milk. With 30% unemployment can you blame us? Most of us who are protesting are older citizens who can't afford to pay for healthcare or even our rent these days. The Government has taxed us to death and we are now broken, desperate people.

Again, I wonder if Timmy will pull the trigger? Will he recognize me? He is pointing his rifle at the lady standing next to me. His stare is blank and he seems to be sort of brainwashed. This poor lady can barely stand up she is so frail.

Did our government really activate the National Guard and call the army in to suppress our peaceful demonstration. What are they afraid of? Don't they work for us?

Will Timmy really open fire on his fellow Americans, his friends and neighbors.

What has this world come to?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chemical Weapons……

I'm for them.

If you are going to try and kill something, what does it matter how you do it?

Raid, the pesticide, states in their commercials, "Raid, Kills Bugs Dead" That's kinda obvious isn't it? Doesn't the word "Kills " say it all.

The only reason I bring this up is because our silly president, and most of the world, is all upset with the Syrian government for using chemical weapons on the rebels in their current civil war.

I say let them use them. Let them use ALL of them.

War is an ugly and terrible thing. It's that way on purpose. War should be avoided at all costs. if you rebel against your own government, be it just or unjust, you should read the BIG print and be prepared to suffer the consequences. People will die, cities will be ravaged, someone is going to lose no matter what. What difference is there to being killed by an enemies bullet vs being gassed by the same enemy? Civilian casualties? That argument doesn't hold water as over a hundred thousand people have been killed in this conflict before chemical weapons were ever used. All either violent rebels or innocent civilians depending on who you listen to.

The ironic part, almost funny part of this whole mess is, where did such a backward ass country like Syria get these horrific weapons?

They got them from Iraq. Syria is where Saddam Hussein was hiding them.The same country who WE SOLD THEM TO in order to fight the Iran Iraq war. These are the same weapons that Saddam Hussein had when George Bush went after the Iraqis citing these weapons as the reason. All of you dumb-asses that thought there were no weapons of mass destruction and that Bush went to war just for oil and to prove how big his balls were should be eating some crow about now. That is if you have the guts and brains to admit you were wrong.

You Stupid, Stupid people. It's sad how blindly stupid you really are.

So what's gonna happen and what will happen, compared to what should happen? Of course you should ask me. I am the knower of things. Chuckie the wise. Never politically correct but usually right on target.

What is going to happen is that President Ineffective is going to fire between ten and fifty cruise missiles into Syria, at a million dollars a pop, to show the syrians that we won't stand for this sort of thing. What will happen is that nothing will be accomplished by this. The Russians and Iranians will get pissed off and oil prices will go up worldwide because there is another crisis in the Arab world. The only thing to come out of it is the president will try to save face saying at least he did something.

What should happen? For the good of the entire world, we should encourage the Syrians to use every drop of chemical weapons they have. Then they are all gone. They won't have them any more and the threat of them will disappear. If we could take President Asad out right now and let a democratic (mob rule) government take over we would be far worse off. How so? Well as in Egypt, those illiterate people would probably vote in a radical Islamic, pro Al Queida government that would support terrorism world wide. Can anyone tell me how that would be a favorable outcome. These nut case, hookah smoking, Koran thumping assholes running around now in control of these same chemical weapons? With their new governments blessing and encouragement? While we keep giving them foreign aide?

What about Israel? I hear you cry. Don't worry about them. They will be fine. They lost their faith and trust in us the moment President Ineffective was elected, as did the rest of the world. They have enhanced radiation nuclear weapons they can use. No one will seriously mess with them. Some fools will fire a few random rockets at them, but that's about all.

At least if we leave the Syrians alone and let them kill each other off they are not coming after us.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Das Update or Testicle Number Three.....

I have no idea which is more miraculous, my getting accepted into the Stem Cell Clinical Trial or the fact someone read my Blog!

And to top it all off they even asked for an update on my condition.

I am both flattered and touched, although a little confused!

I had the Stem cell injections into my left ventricle on Thursday June 27. I spent the night in the hospital on the Victoria's Secret Cardiac Care Unit and went home the next day. My Doctors and nurses were spectacular. I came home and slept for 12 hours, Both Wifey and I were exhausted.

I was tired and sore for a couple days. I had bruises in my nether region that looked like I had taken a low blow, or three, from Mike Tyson. I had a hematoma the size of a walnut in the front of my hip. it's right in the crease where your leg meets your pelvis. but I was home and feeling better.

A week later I had a follow up visit with my program coordinator. She asked me a bunch of questions and did a mini physical. I had my BP, EKG done and was pronounced fine. My cardiologist came in and felt me up. Checked my lungs and was very happy I was doing so well. I went home with another $25.00 gas card.

I have a couple hundred dollars worth of gas cards from Shell now. Since I'm not being paid for the study I get a gas card every time I go in for a check up or study related visit. Sure it sounds cheap, but you have to remember, I'm not paying for ANYTHING related to the study. So I get almost a million dollars of cutting edge (pun intended) cardiac procedures and care for free and a couple hundred dollars of diesel fuel out of it.

This Thursday will be three weeks since the procedure. I have another follow up at the four week mark which is next Thursday. I feel pretty good. The standing joke around my house regarding the hematoma is I have grown a third testicle!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you "Testicle Number Three!" (Think of the tune "Mambo Number 5")

One , Two, Three, Hut Hut
Everybody in the room
look at Chuck's third nut!

It started one day in the old cath lab
getting stem cell treatment on a cold steel slab
A french catheter jammed  in my crotch
forget the damn dilauded just bring me some Scotch, so I
don't feel what they're doing down there
in my old nether region that's now void of hair. I had
3 doctors threading shit into my heart
I wonder what they'd say if I had to fart , cause that
air biscuit might just clear the room, leave me
freezing on that slab there to face my doom.

Too much testosterone in my bod
Goddamn diabetes has killed my rod
third testicle is growing down by my hip
When I'm Man scaping hope I don't slip!

I'm just hanging out here in my bed
wondering what they're gonna say when I'm dead
he was a man with an iron heart
who died in the cath lab from a nasty old  fart, and then
If I make it to the CCU I wonder what then I'm a gonna do
Hot nurses checking out my blow out patch
two inches from my nuts that they won't scratch. 
Laying in this bed like a virtual hostage
Me, my three nuts and a Vienna sausage!

Too much testosterone in my bod
Goddamn diabetes has killed my rod
Stem cells a growing me another mouse
A man with three nuts is loose in the house!

I still have no idea if I received the stem cells or a saline placebo. I guess I am feeling so well due partly to the fact that the stress and anticipation of the procedure is now behind me. I should start noticing a difference in a couple months. I take a treadmill and see if my stamina is increasing. I don't really believe in the "Placebo Effect" but in my position, beggars can't be choosers.

I will keep you posted and thanks for reading.....

Friday, June 28, 2013


Yessir, I am plumb shot through with holes.

This one here on me right arm just above me elbow is from multiple blood draws those buzzards at the lab needed for the last couple times I was in the hospital. Seems I has only got one place that they can stick me and get good clean blood from.

That one in me left arm, this sida me elbow,  is from where they stuck that darned IV thingy into my vein. A "Port" they calls it. Never did give me a lot of juice through it, but they was a plenty busy squirting stuff into it when I was in that there fancy X-Ray machine while they was a poking around inside my ticker.

This here hole in me neck, now that was a strange deal there let me tell you. They took me to that there Mayo Clinic place and strapped me down and shoved a tube into my neck vein. Then they hooked me up to some kind of machine that goes "Whir….Buzz…Clank", and then stops for a few seconds and then starts a going over again. It did that for pert near 4 hours on Tuesday. "Whir….Buzz…Clank"  I betcha I remember that noise forever. They took that pipe out and sent me home to relax.

Relax them fellers said:  like I was a gonna relax with what they had planned for me a day later.

What I have neglected to tell you is that they wanted me to relax knowing I was a goin to get this big ass tube shoved into a vein right next to me mr. happy on that next Thursday. They strapped me in and squirted some sort of tequila like stuff in the tube in me left arm that made me all silly and shit, Next they stuck that tube right in me crotch just about an inch from me meat and potatoes. Then they snaked some sorta wire up that there tube into my ticker and started doing all sorts of un mentionable things to me. Ever time I tried to get up they just squirted more of that shit into that tube and I went back to happyland for a tad bit longer.

Next thing I knows I was being wheeled to a fancy room where some good looking nurse type women were getting me dressed for bed. Now this was more like it!  (cept I still had that durned tube in me down by me mr. happy and the little woman was there as well) They hooked more wires and stuff to me and I don't know what all and gave me another tequila shot in my arm tube and I went to sleep. Somewhere in the night they gave me a pain pill of some kind. It was powerful effective at making me heave out all that nice mess of a hospital dinner I choked down at some point earlier. The next  nurse gal came in and squirted some more stuff in that handy little tube to make me stop barfing and some stuff to make me stop hurting. That worked like a charm and I was back snoring in no time.

The next mooring, and I mean about an hour later, another pretty nurse lady came in and took all sorts of blood and did electric tracings of my "Heart Rhythms" (whatever the hell that means) That nurse gal yanked out all the tubes, put bandaids all over them holes they had a made. She had me sign some papers and then they plum run me off.

Sorry for all  them technical terms I had to use there. They tells me this might make it so I don't kick the bucket quite so soon. I hope they are right.

My bucket has been kicked enough for a while Thank you.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time Flies.........

You can't. They're to fast.

It seems like years ago I was laying in the CCU at Shands hospital and being told my only chance for survival was Experimental Cardiac Stem Cell therapy.  No more bypasses, no more stents, no way I was ever going to be on the transplant list. Pretty much Stem Cells or die.

Since then I have had a couple more stents and a few angioplasties, and the results are always the same. Stem Cells are the thing. One day as I was laying in the CCU daydreaming about my nurses there, a doctor walked by doing his rounds with his entourage of baby docs. They stopped briefly by my door and he said to them "That is Dr. A's pt. There is nothing we can do for him" and they walked on by. Kinda pissed me off.

The reason I am thinking about all this stuff today is that I am scheduled for a pretty hairy heart cath/surgery next Thursday. Experimental, Clinical Trial Surgery. I have never been scheduled for one before.

Normally you would get the crushing chest pain out of the blue, fall down screaming and sweating profusely clutching your chest hoping someone was there to take you to the hospital or call 911. You lay in the bed in the Emergency Department, scared to death, in pain and having no idea what is coming next. You get hammered on the GOOD drugs so the world is spinning and you sign something. You could have joined the army as far as you knew, but the pain was lessened so you didn't give a shit.

Next thing you know you are being whisked to the cath lab and the procedure begins. It's over before you know it and you are back in you bed in CCU being restrained by the hot nurses who work there and make it all better.

The secret is that you had no warning, no choice in the matter and you were stoned out of your mind when it began. You had no time to digest what was going on, or being done to you. You were alive and happy so.

What they are doing to me is quite different. They will be injecting 10 spots inside my heart's left ventricle with either a saline placebo or CD34+ Stem Cells. I have known about it for 6 months, anticipated it for 6 months, sweated about it for 6 months, and now the time has come. If that wouldn't scare the shit out of you, I don't know what would.

And I get to think about it, I get to think about it a lot. Actually I get to hope I get the opportunity. Talk about a weird twist of events. I get to hope and pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I will get the chance to have this done to me. I have a 25% chance of not being picked for the program even after all the hoops I have jumped through for the last 6 months. Being in the control group is an early death sentence. The Stem Cell therapy prolongs my time on earth.

All the while trying to maintain my suave and debonair lovable self.

Of which I probably have failed miserably at!

If I have, sorry about that. I have never been through this before. In fact, since this is such an experimental, cutting edge procedure, no one really has. I will be the first person in the NE Florida area to be in this phase of the study if I am chosen tomorrow. There are probably more heart/lung transplant patients in this area than Cardiac Stem Cell recipients.

So now the waiting begins. I will let you know what happens once I get back from tomorrow's appointment at high noon. Cross your fingers for my Randomization.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

And The Fun Begins…….

Did you ever have a pet Hamster or Guinea Pig?

You do now.

Yes constant readers, Chuckie is going to be your own personal pet Guinea Pig.

Monday, 17 June, I go in for a nuclear cardiac MRI study. They start an IV, inject me full of invisible man dye, run my ass on the treadmill and then stuff me in the MRI machine and take 3D pictures of my heart. On Friday I go in for a physical and "Randomization".  The "Randomization"  process decides what happens to the rest of my life. I will either be selected to be in the " USOC Control Group" or in the surgical candidate pool.

In the Control Group, I keep the same electronic diary, which I have been filling out daily for the last 6 months, for another 2 years. That's it. No testing, no procedures, just the Twinkee that sits there and does nothing as an object to compare the active research to.

If I get into the surgical pool, I will immediately have injections of a stem cell stimulating drug injected each day for a total of four (4) days. This wonderful drug is normally given to cancer patients. It stimulates the body to create more stem cells which will be harvested from me in a procedure called Apheresis. The side effects of this drug included nausea, vomiting, joint and muscle pain. On very rare occasions in can cause splenetic rupture resulting in death. So I will probably have flu like symptoms for a week.

On Day five (5) I go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and they insert a tube into my subclavian vein (under my my collar bone) risking a punctured lung and sure to produce a lot of pain. They will then start the machine and suck my blood out, filter out the platelets and stem cells and return the red blood cells and plasma to my blood stream. Once this is over it's given to a spy like fellow who jumps on a plane and hand carries it to Boston. At Harvard University they will spin it down in a fancy centrifuge that separates the Stem Cells from the other jetsam and the same guy flies it back to Jacksonville the next day.

A day later I check into the hospital research floor, get prepped and wheeled to the Cardiac Cath Suite. During the three hour procedure the surgeons, who I trust completely, will insert a catheter into the femoral artery in my crotch. They will snake it up into the left ventricle of my heart and begin to map the wall thickness of the heart muscle. Once they know the thickness on my heart wall they will insert another catheter and inject 10 locations with my own stem cells. The needle is 2mm long. The idea is to stimulate my heart into growing new arteries to carry blood to the heart muscle and potentially increase my stamina and life span.

When this is over, hopefully, I go back to my room and home in a day or so. They will monitor me for the next two years to see how well I responded to this ground breaking procedure.

Obviously there are a million things that can go wrong here. Some catastrophically.  I prefer not to dwell on them. Wifey and I are both aware of the risks and we have chosen to take them freely.

The downside is that this is a double blind clinical trial. Sure the million dollar procedure is all free, but, the surgical candidate pool is split between candidates who get the stem cells and those who get a placebo 2:1. Yup, you heard right. I could go through all this for a 66% chance of getting the life saving Stem Cells. that's a 33% chance of getting saline (salt water) injections. Stem Cells or Placebo injections, the risks remain the same. And the real pisser is, it's a double blind trial. Neither myself or my doctors will know which treatment I get.

Either way, it's going to be an interesting and frightening two weeks. Everyone by now knows of my religious beliefs. For those of you prone to praying I would appreciate it. For those of you who don't have religious tendencies, please remember me by eating copious amounts of Pasta on the Friday nights of 21 and 28 June. My Pastafarian soul thanks you.

I will try and keep this blog updated during the next two weeks. That will obviously depend on how I feel and what the outcomes are.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Mis-Direction Chronicles.....

The word you are looking for is Serendipity. Easily defined as the ability to see the forest for the trees. The ability to see the obvious. It's amazing how few people have this ability these days.

The United States has been under constant and intense "Cyber Attack" from supposedly the Chinese military lately. Hundreds of America's largest corporations are being hacked as well. Our trustworthy government has told us that the Chinese are infiltrating all of our computer networks and that no one is safe.

Did you smell the sarcasm in that use of the word "Trustworthy"?

Follow me here, this might lose you or worse,  make complete sense and scare you silly.

The President  is meeting with the Chinese premier this week. Supposedly the topic of their infiltrating our businesses and government computers is going to be primary issue of discussion. If it's true these are serious and dangerous allegations that could effect the balance of power in the world today.

Funny how the Benghazi scandal, The Fast & Furious Fuck Up, The Eric Holder lying to Congress issue and the IRS targeting Obama's political enemies list, all seems to have disappeared. The same Justice Department who just went after a Fox News reporter for being a "co-conspirator" in a serious news leak scandal may be involved in it again. They certainly will be involved in the future cover up of this next one, and it's a doozy!

Now we find out from a small newspaper in England that the National Security Agency has been gathering data from American telephone companies about the usage of smart phones. They call it MetaData. They are looking for patterns in calls to see if they can find any links to terrorists. They have also uncovered that some of the largest technology companies on earth, Microsoft, Apple,  and Google, etc. are involved as well and that they are cooperating willingly. All of these companies vehemently deny the allegations.

A tiny newspaper in London found that? A tiny newspaper in London found that out and then published the information the same week Obama is meeting with the Chinese about Cyber security?

All of the other issues and scandals which make the Watergate break in and subsequent cover up look like a little girl's tea party, have been forgotten. We had a President RESIGN THE OFFICE for far less than this.

The two scary parts of this are:

1. If the United States government is spying on and gathering information on it's own citizens covertly, OUR Constitution is being shredded from within and we have no chance to survive as a country or as free citizens.

2. If the information about the NSA looking at all that data from our cell phone companies and technology companies isn't true and was leaked to a tiny (57 employee) British newspaper just to spite the US news outlets and to distract the American public from the real scandals that are occurring is the case, we are screwed beyond  option #1. Kinda frightening huh?

I wonder how long this will be allowed to stay on-line seeing how the blogging site is owned by Google?

Remember where you heard this first in case they really do come and get me.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Gotta Love the Internet………

This is aimed at no one person in particular. No one reads my blog anyway so it is a moot point.

Ten years ago Wifey and I were laying in bed listening to the shortwave radio. It was a broadcast from KOL The Voice of Israel. One of their top news stories was where a group of protesters was savagely beaten in the street for protesting the the planting of "Frankenfoods" on some of the Israeli farms inside the Gaza region.

"Frankenfood" is a made up scare word intended to frighten people away from genetically altered food sources. I guess the thought of a tomato in your BLT being modified so it resists fungal infection is a bad thing.

The people who beat them senseless, I think some were killed, were starving people who needed the increased food production to keep their families alive. Apparently the wheat and corn had been modified to grow in drier climates allowing higher crop yields per acre of cultivated produce.

Insecticides are going to kill everyone on the planet. We can't allow them to be used on our foods. Tell that to the hundreds of millions of people, human beings just like you and me, who have died from Malaria since DDT was banned. Just wait till Ebola mutates and is spread by mosquitoes. I'll bet you would love to have planes flying over your house with a few gallons of insecticide then.

Oil drilling and production in the Gulf of Mexico is dangerous and could potentially damage the environment. Yup. Too bad. All the tree hugging idiots who believe this need to wonder what would happen if BP said "Let's just not export any more oil to America. Let's not even produce any there either". Damn that would be funny. A calamity but funny no less.

The point being is that there is balance that needs to be struck between environmental concerns and societal needs. From food to oil, water to chemicals. There are no right answers. Just the most logical solutions. Becoming an extremest on anything should require you to do a little background work on both sides of the issue. The last thing you want to do is look like a fool when you go into battle for an ideal and not understand both sides.

Monsanto is a gigantic corporation who is deeply involved in producing genetically modified seeds for crop production. They also made Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and made the first plastic Coca-Cola bottle called the "Easy-Goer". The coke bottle plastic was later found to have a carcinogenic compound in it and was subsequently banned for human use. They didn't know it was bad when they produced it. Kind of like no one knew 75 years ago cigarettes were bad for you.

Yeah? So what. IBM, Smith Corona, Underwood Typewriters, International Postal Meter and General Motors made rifles that Americans killed people with in two world wars. Should you be persecuted because Mitsubishi made the Famous Japanese Zero fighter plane that killed thousands of American soldiers? The Same Mitsubishi piece of crap you drive to work everyday in.

People need to chill out and study the causes they want to get involved with before they launch into a dithyramb on the internet in front of potentially billions of people. Most of the time you will find that your opinion or cause is tainted by where you live and your current situation.

Sitting in your nice clothes, in your Freon cooled house, typing on your electric powered computer which is made mostly from petrochemical plastic, drinking a Coke out of a bottle delivered to the store by trucks that run on diesel fuel……. Have you got the point yet or do I need to type for another two hours about your hypocrisy?

Sorry about the rant. I think my blood sugar is low. I hope it's OK if I go take a sugar pill made from genetically modified corn sugar…………

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Not So Modest Proposal…….

A local news and drivel channel here in Jacksonville Fl did a story the other night about a new food stamp program….. For PETS! You heard me right, free food for pets of the underprivileged, sick lame and lazy.

They interviewed a young lady who makes right about $15,000 a year, has a couple of kids and has trouble making her rent payments. Apparently she is single as no mention of a husband or father was made. Not that that surprises me much.

She goes on saying how thankful she is to the "No More Homeless Pets" program in Jacksonville. To their credit, this is a private company that does this and relies on donations from the local populace to support them. We had a cat vaccinated there once and it was like $15.00 where our vet wanted $75.00 for the same shot. These folks do good work, although Wifey swears that's what caused our cat to die a few months later (he was 19 after all) The facility is a bit grubby as you can imagine dealing with indigent pet owners but all in all it was OK.

Back to the story.

This lady the TV station proudly interviewed had four, count em FOUR pitbulls penned up in her back yard. Two of them looked to be a couple years old, the other two were puppies. She gets enough dog food delivered, DELIVERED, free to her residence a month to feed all four of them. She was wearing what looked like to be brown scrubs or something so she probably is a medical assistant or a CNA somewhere part time and can barely make ends meet.

I would really be going apeshit over this if it were my tax dollars going to fund this nonsense, but since it's private donations I guess I will stay calm for now. That being said, if you follow the money it wouldn't surprise me if the city had their grimy fingers into this somewhere, somehow.

On Food Stamps, probably on Medicaid, no husband, a couple of kids and four pitbulls? Talk about a drain on society. I'll bet you her entire years salary that she has a voter registration card next to her $500.00 iPhone in her Gucci purse though. I wonder who she voted for for president or mayor of Jacksonville for that matter.

Pets are a privilege not a right. If you can afford them and have the time for them they can be loving and wonderful companions and additions to your family. If not, they become a disease carrying nightmare that eats, breeds and shits all over the place. Some can even become dangerous and a menace to society.

The answer here is simple. Kill the dogs and feed them to the children. Half of the world's population would kill you and your entire family for a good 40 pounds of dog meat to feed their starving children. Either that or kill the kids and feed them to the dogs. In the long run, those worthless kids with no future would end up costing society even more eventually so it becomes a win win situation.

I would require automatic sterilization of the pets and owners as well.

But that's a different story…..

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Farewell to Originality……..

Yes my friends, original thinking is a thing of the past. Why try and use a little imagination when it takes so few calories to plagiarize previous ideas and scripts. Worse yet, take a thriving series of movies and TV shows that have proven to make buckets of money and screw them up.

Of course I'm talking about Star Trek.

Don't get me wrong here, I am a fan, I liked Kirk as the captain,  So he killed his wife, big deal, Spock and Scotty were good, Sulu and Chekov with Bones, and Uhura was hot. Something about flying around space, shooting up the bad guys and screwing the hot women seemed so….Right. Some of the spin offs were OK. I started to lose interest when we stopped using phasers and started to try and reason with the enemy. I got turned off when they tried to teach us moral lessons instead off forgetting their space condoms when screwing Orion slave girls. I love that green skin. A shame Wifey won't do that for me.

Captain Janeway and an American Indian first officer? Give me a fucking break.

The new Star Trek movie series shows promise. The character development is spot on. The casting is the best I have ever seen. Pine and Quinto are actually perfect. The ship is modern and oh so cool. And the writers should have their balls cut off. REPEAT: THE WRITERS SHOULD HAVE THEIR BALLS CUT OFF.

Every time a Sic-Fi writer loses his ability either through age, drug use or just plain writers block, they fall back on "Time Travel" This allows them to use old ideas, sometimes footage, and cheat the public out of an original thought and eventual script.

After this Star Trek that Wifey and I watched last night ( the first of the latest series) Romulus has been blown up years before Star Trek TOS ( The Original Series) comes around. We now have no Romulans!  To make matters worse, these same asshole writers went back in time and imploded Vulcan! VULCAN FOR GOD'S SAKE! So the later series episode Amok Time where Spock gets horny and kills Kirk can't take place, The Romulans can't develop the cloaking device which the Klingons acquire later on. And Spock is banging Uhura which negates the first interracial kiss on television between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols. The future is bleak for the entire franchises continuity, and us rabid fans who have shelled out the money to keep it all alive for so many years.

I didn't even like the time travel episodes in TOS like the Gary Seven episode which starred a young Terri Garr, (Yowsa!) or the Guardian of Forever episode with Edith Keeler trying to stop WWII played by Joan Collins (Double Yowsa!)

And it's not just Star Trek writers who have no originality anymore. Future movies in the works are another Godzilla, Dirty Dancing, Peabody and Sherman, Short Circuit, Popeye, Escape from New York, Carrie, The Birds, Top Gun, Exodus and another Dracula.

Yes we are going to see the New Star Trek movie tonight. It's going to cost us $17.50 each to see it in 3D. I hope it's worth it. I'll have my $450.00 Klingon Home World Leather Jacket with me to celebrate. How many fans do you know that have one of those? I'll review it here in the future.

Hollywood needs a big fat enema. Right after the one we administer to Washington DC.

Now THAT I would pay twenty bucks plus to see…….

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Watching History Unfold……

Buried deep within all the news this week, there is one that you are missing.

Remember when Richard Nixon resigned the presidency of the United States due to being involved in the Watergate cover up. Not the original bugging of the Watergate hotel, but the cover up and lying to congress and the American people. Nixon did the honorable thing. He resigned the presidency  and let the country escape the political nightmare and start the long and painful healing process.

Don't remember it? Too old and can't remember? To old and to liberal and an ex-dope smoking hippie who jumped on the "Get the President" bandwagon? Too young and didn't know about it or just spent to much time in high school getting high?

Wake up America. The same thing is happening RIGHT NOW!

The Benghazi terror attack is worse than Watergate ever was. Four (4) Americans serving their country DIED there. That's DEAD, Forever, NEVER COMING BACK!

The President insisted this was a spontaneous demonstration by Islamic fanatics and that there was nothing we could do about it. He flew to Las Vegas the next day for a campaign appearance.  Later he flew to where the bodies were returned to our country to mourn their deaths and to grieve with the victim's families. The administration and the State Department went ahead and made appearances on television insisting they had no idea of the severity of the attack and that it was a spontaneous demonstration of local citizens.

The guy who made the video is STILL IN JAIL, BEING HELD WITHOUT BEING CHARGED! Does that sound like the America YOU grew up with and in? How much power do these people have?

It's now coming out that they changed the story they released. They were informed the compound was being attacked. They knew that mortars were being used in the attack. The people at the embassy pleaded with their superiors for help. The State Department told them help wasn't an option. The State Department told them that help wouldn't get there in time. American fighter jets were three hours away. Paratroopers were five hours away.

So the question becomes, Did the State Department , the Defense Department, or even the White House know how long this "Spontaneous Demonstration" was scheduled to last? And who gave the order to NOT RESPOND to their pleas for help? Demonstrations in Egypt the same weekend went on for weeks. So who knew this was going to be over before we could respond?

And why did the US Ambassador to the United Nations go on 5 television networks and insist we knew nothing of an organized attack and insisted it was a reaction to an anti-Islam video posted on the internet? The President himself went on television, during a re-election campaign, and said it wasn't an organized attack and didn't even use the words terrorist attack.

It was, and still is, a good old fashioned political cover up. It's exploding right in front of your eyes. Look at it and try to remember it. Chances are something news cycle wise will develop or be created to throw up a smoke screen and divert your attention away. Remember President Clinton  bombing Albania to distract us from his sexual misconduct? Stains on Monica's dress for Gods sake!

President Obama should come clean with the American people about what happened in Benghazi. He should do the honorable thing and resign the presidency immediately. This isn't a "race motivated" or even a partisan politics issue. FOUR HONORABLE AMERICANS WERE BRUTALLY KILLED HERE. This is a case of an American president deliberately, and with considerable forethought, Lying to the American Public during his re-election campaign.

I would rather have that drooling simpleton vice-president Joe Biden running the country than a bold faced liar with the blood of four brave Americans on his hands.