Monday, January 27, 2014

One of our SUBS is missing?

We have Lost A Sub?

More like a whole fleet of Subs.

What the hell are you blabbing about now Chuckie? Have you gone off the deep end again?

Yes, Yes I have.

You see, your local Subway sandwich shop is going to be very different pretty soon. It's probably going to be subtle at first. It will resemble the take over of the automobile, banking and healthcare industries by our trustworthy government.

You see, Subway will soon be displaying Michelle Obama's picture in their restaurants. She promotes a "healthy diet" and therefore it seemed like a good idea to Subway's management hacks to have her as a spokesperson. So soon when you are going in for a nice lunch you will get to see her nasty mug staring down at you while you eat.

Boycotts are being organized already and some local franchises will be hurt. Wouldn't it suck to be the businessman who invested tens of thousands of dollars into opening and running a Subway store only to have the corporate office require you to put Mrs. Obama's picture in your store? Especially when you know that it will hurt your sales and reputation. With so many other Sub shops opening these days it would suck to have your own parent company hang you out to dry.

Don't get me wrong here, I LIKE Subway. They make a pretty good sandwich and they are in places that are convenient to what I like to do. Sure, some of their national advertising campaigns suck, but, they do make a quality product and employ a lot of people who need a good first job. I just will now start  looking elsewhere for my sandwich needs.

And to take things to the extreme (like I am sometimes prone to doing) Will it stop with her sponsorship? Is this a move against the fast food industry by our government to eventually control what you eat? Don't think it can happen? That's what they said about the auto industry. Remember when Chrysler was an American company? Sure young boys didn't have a poster of a Passat on their wall growing up, but NOBODY had a graphic of a Fiat on their wall either!

The point is, New York City already has laws about soft drink size and other silly nutritional regulations that impinge your choices as an American. Some high schools only have vending machines with "healthy" products in them. Don't even get me started on those fools in California who have more silly laws on the books than you can imagine.

Will the IRS soon be in control of the nutritional laws and what you chose to eat in coming years?

No one thought the IRS would be in charge of your health insurance either.

Remember where you heard it first.

Bon Appetit!