Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blame it on The Polls….

You folks from Warsaw and Gdansk can relax. I am talking about the political opinion  polls, not you Pollocks in or from Eastern Europe.

Has it ever occurred to ANYONE, besides me, how every time there is an election all the polls seem to “tighten up” as election day draws closer?

A few months out, one candidate is always crushing the life out of his opponent and then there is a gaff or a scandal (or Joe Biden sticking his foot in his mouth) or something else in the news that causes the race to tighten up. Now the race is neck and neck with both candidates having the exact same polling numbers as reported by the news. A "Virtual Dead Heat" is a favorite phrase the talking heads on the news like to say over and over again.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

It’s all driven by those bastards in the news media.

The television stations and networks make money by selling advertising space to the political parties and candidates. Did I say money? I meant big obscene amounts of money. The closer the race, the more desperate each candidate becomes. We have all heard about certain states that will go to one candidate regardless of what is said or spent. Some of the players concede these states to their opponent and concentrate their cash in key, or “Battleground” states.

Unfortunately, I live in one of those states.

So let’s see here. If a closer race equals more advertising, and you get to control what is broadcast on your news program every night, and you are the one who sets the advertising rates that the candidates are forced to pay to show their assholish commercials on your airwaves, doesn’t it make obvious sense that all you have to do is manipulate the polling data to artificially tighten the race to make more obscene profits from greedy asshole politicians? The closer the race, the more money is spent on advertising. It’s easy to disguise this fraudulent scheme. Just word your polling questions slightly different for each demographic you are polling. You are reporting accurately on the data you obtained, so therefore you can’t get caught or accused of any wrongdoing. You and your TV station win and the viewing public and electorate as a whole eventually lose.

So you see, It isn’t so much the power hungry politicians who are to blame for the septic onslaught that dribbles out of your TV every single commercial break. It’s those money grubbing slime buckets at the TV stations and networks who feed you the steady diet of artificial bullshit to help further line their pockets with cash from the parasitic politicians.

And I haven’t even started on those of you clueless, and lazy folks who have partaken in “Early Voting”. I will address those moron's soon I promise.

Better open a window next time you turn on your TV.

The smell is only going to get worse…….

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where did you hear it first?

The 2012 presidential election farce is coming to a close. It’s the incumbent President Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts. The campaign trail has been long and noisy, and thanks to the Supreme Court's "SuperPAC" ruling, overwhelming in dirty and negative political advertisements.

I live in a “Battleground State” Florida has had over 188 million dollars of TV advertisements bought for this election and we still have two weeks to go!

I was looking at some of my previous posts in this blog and came across  the June 4th 2009 posting.

It’s God Damn scary to look at those numbers and to realize a couple things.

1)   The country is going to Hell
      2)   And even scarier, Chuckie was RIGHT!

“How so?” I hear you cry. Well just look at that previous post and then look at today’s numbers.

October 23 2013

Gold is at    $1,709.00 per ounce
Silver is at    $31.85  per ounce
Platinum is at   $1,573.00 per ounce
Crude Oil is at    $86.00   per barrel

The National Debt figure for November 3 2008 was 10.56 TRILLION Dollars
Today’s (10/23/12) National Debt figure is 16.199 TRILLION Dollars

If THAT doesn’t scare you , you are to fucking stupid to be alive.

To see what a trillion dollars is, reference my earlier post:

To view the growing National Debt figures, look at:

The frightening and somewhat upsetting point here is that I have friends who will look at these numbers and either don’t understand their meaning or just bury their heads in the sand and make the minimum payments on their credit cards and continue on as if nothing is happening

And yes, I am getting older and crotchety and don’t have a problem saying,