Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Star Trek, The Next Generation…… of Pansies…….

Wifey and I finally got moved into to our little house in Okeechobee and tonight (Tuesday 27 Jan) we are watching Star Trek the Next Generation on Dish Network from WGN out of Chicago.

Remember when Captain Kirk, Bones and Scotty went tear assing around the universe blowing up everything and molesting all the hot alien chicks? It seemed like Spock was the only one who didn’t have a perpetual case of space herpes.

Those were the days.

Not anymore though. Captain Jean Luc Picard just got caught with his pants down as he didn’t have the stones to fire upon the Pherengi ship. Now they are crippled in space and what are they doing on the new Starship Enterprise? They are going to negotiate with them.


Fire the damn torpedoes and go capture their women! I guess this is what happens when you are peaceful starship commanded by a bald, testosterone challenged Frenchman.

And don’t get me started on that mind reading, Betazoid bimbo with the low cut blouse. Who cares what they are feeling. FIRE THE DAMN PHOTON TORPEDOES and go on your way.

Maybe this is why our dipstick president wants to negotiate with the Islamic terrorists…………..