Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No Fly, No Buy, No Way.

After the recent terrorist attack in Orlando it only makes sense that there are some serious questions being asked. It is obvious that the government is full of politicians trying to score points off of public opinion for the next election.

One of the serious questions floating around is, why was this asshole allowed to buy a weapon and ammunition after he was investigated by the FBI twice? Wasn't he on the secret “No-Fly List” for a while?

There is a very simple and straightforward answer that you may not want to hear.

He was (prior to his death) an American Citizen. He was born here just like you and me. As an American citizen he had the RIGHT to purchase a gun. Period. End of discussion.

Well not really. He was cleared by the FBI of allegations of anti American behavior and possibly terrorist activity twice. As an American citizen protected by the U. S. Constitution, his purchase of a weapon was completely legal. The background check that was performed at the time of purchase came up clean. It was his right the same as it’s your right to purchase and own a gun.

Even if he was on a “No-Fly List” he should still be allowed to purchase a gun. The “No-Fly List” is a list of people who are BELIEVED to be a threat to air safety. The vast majority of them have not been convicted of a crime. Even if he was on the “No-Fly List” he was protected by the U.S. Constitution the same as you and me and would be allowed to buy a weapon.

Hell, Hillary Clinton is CURRENTLY under investigation by the FBI and she is allowed to run for President of the United States.

This is the scary part. If you start letting the government make secret lists of people they consider to be undesirables and then you start to revoke or limit their constitutionally protected rights based on these unproven allegations you are advocating turning this country into a state comparable to NAZI Germany of the early1940s. Ever hear of the Gestapo or Hitler’s SS? The Soviet Union had a powerful secret police that pulled the same tricks on their citizens. How many people disappeared in the USSR without a trace thanks to the NKVD and the KGB?

Do you trust our government that much? The same government who listens to and records your cell phone calls? The same government who ordered the IRS to investigate and harass the conservative Tea Party just because they had a different political ideology than the current administration? This is the same government that is trying to control the insurance industry and will soon have your medical and prescription records. Remember when the government was advocating that they should control how much a CEO of a company should be allowed to earn? The same government passed the Patriot Act which allowed the police or FBI the power to enter your residence, search it and leave without notifying you. No warrant needed.

The Patriot Act was a radical knee jerk reaction to the horrible terrorist attack of September 11 2001. History has shown that every time there is a major strike against or in America we respond by granting the government more and more power to rule our lives in an attempt to keep us safe. More and more of our rights are being stripped away, and we never get them back. You can't legally purchase an AR-15 in Connecticut after the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Do you feel any safer with the additional freedoms that have been taken from you? Don’t you sort of get the creeps when you see video cameras everywhere you go watching your every move?

You can’t own a gun in England and they just had a member of Parliament gunned down and killed in the street. Chicago and New York City have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. More people get killed every week in Chicago than happened in the Orlando attack.

Maybe if everyone was armed this domestic terrorism nonsense would decrease or stop. Would that terrorist (I refuse to use his name) have killed as many people in that nightclub if half of the victims were carrying a handgun? If he KNEW that there was a chance that someone would have fought back and he could have been shot himself would he still have carried out his attack? Isn’t it interesting that all these attacks are taking place in “Gun Free Zones”? Movie theaters, college campuses,  elementary schools, bars and gun free workplaces, not to mention gun free cities like New York and Chicago.

Go ahead and reply to this BLOG and try to make an intelligent argument for gun control. I dare you. Here’s your chance. Try to change my mind. Remember I said an “Intelligent Argument”.

Meanwhile I am going to go and clean my AR-15.