Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Make Some Popcorn………….

Looks like the newest reality television show may be the impending war on the Korean peninsula. This looks like pretty serious stuff according to the TV news ghouls. You know the world is on the verge of ending when CNN, CNBC and FOX news are all reporting that the North Koreans are saber rattling again and it looks like China and Russia may be on our side. All of these news whores are reporting the same thing?  Alas Babylon doesn’t seem so farfetched now does it?

Fox just reported a rumor that China has shut off their fuel shipments to North Korea and reputably are furious over North Koreas nuclear testing program. The South Koreans and Americans are now in their second highest level of readiness, whatever that means. 

Looks like I need to go to the storage shed and get the power supply for my shortwave radio. Might be an interesting couple of weeks to listen to Radio Pyongyang and see what that nitwit leader they have is up to. Who knows, maybe out nitwit leader will want to meet with him also.

In fact, it may be time to get some of the supplies out of the storage shed as well. Who knows where this could lead. Might just start thinking about loading up on mosquito repellent and other survival equipment.

Stay tuned. Film at eleven………..

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