Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things I hate…....

Some dufus told me the other day “Don’t be a hater Man”.

Sorry I can’t help it. Something’s I don’t care for and others I just want to take outside and cut in half with my rifle.

In no particular order:


House flies

Horse flies

Small yip yip lap dogs



Leg Cramps

Airports without free WiFi

Carry on luggage assholes

Most Liberals

Lousy veins

Ingrown toenails

Most sappy Soap Operas

Slow drivers in my way

Fast drivers who pass me like idiots

Jim Lampley

Texas A&M

Cloudy nights

Expensive Hops

Door knocking religious nut cases

Snotty old fat know it all nurses

Junk mail



Thai food

Long checkout lines at the store

Good war movies with romantic sub plots

Cold showers

Floyd Mayweather

Grass burrs

Incompetent government at all levels

Blue M&Ms

Spam, electronic and canned

Electric stoves


Flat beer

Cheap Tequila

Dead batteries


Cell phone ads on TV

And this list only took me 3 minutes to create. You can only imagine what a full day living in my head would reveal.

Scary thought isn’t it?

1 comment:

Scal E. Wag said...

I agree with Airports without free WiFi & Carry on luggage assholes, but Alinghi is "Defender of America's Cup!"

Just kidding. But add green M&M's to the list 'cause I have nothing against yellow but we know what color your daddy was!

(That was just wrong & strange on many levels. :o)