Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Public Service Segment....

For those of you with Direct TV satellite television service I offer the following summary.

You missed nothing on the Weather Channel today. Zip, Nada, Zilch, Zero.

The simple fact is the Weather Channel has been in decline for the last 10 years. I doubt they will be around five years from now anyway. Direct TV is just the first wound in a big, dumb, clueless animal.

Sure they have some hot chicks in tight sweaters as on camera meteorologists (OCMs) but that's about it. They are so busy showing stupid documentaries and lousy original programming that you can't seem to get a forecast out of them anymore. Every segment is sponsored by a publicity hungry company. "Weather and your Athletes Foot" sponsored by Desenex. Today's Humidity Index sponsored by Vagisil. I also have to mention my Dad's pet peeve where the OCM's all are right handed so they stand in front of the east coast and point at the map with their right hands. So where we live is covered by their borrowed clothes.

Of course it all comes down to money. The Weather Channel wants to charge Direct TV more money to carry it's programming. Direct TV said no. And I don't blame them one bit. I haven't watched the Weather Channel in the last two years. Even during Hurricane Season I can get faster and clearer information off of the internet from When I go to the National Weather Services web page I get the information I require instantly. Even the local amateurs do a better job nowadays. I don't have to wait for some stupid program like "Prospectors" or "Highway Through Hell". "Freaks of Nature" is another gem that they feel we would want to watch and why in God's name would anyone watch "Breaking Ice"? What kind of crap is that?

The most disturbing thing is that they are actually arguing that their removal from Direct TV could cost lives and threaten property. My Response?


Maybe a few years ago that argument may have held some water. Not anymore. Even during Hurricane season with active storms approaching populated areas they show their lousy original programing. Some times they even skip their "Tropical Update" segment in favor of whatever commercial filled nonsense they are spewing at the time.

As a kid, I used to watch Aviation Weather everyday with my dad on PBS. It was all weather. Barometric pressure, fronts and severe weather with no fluff and no filler. Just two boring people giving accurate and helpful weather information. When the Weather Channel first came on line I was there and the coverage was really good. The WEATHER was the star. I had no idea who the faces were that delivered it. I got the data I wanted and none of the silly banter between nobodies. But now it's changed. The stars must have unionized or done something to get more face time and have to provide less content. Jim Cantore used to be informative and quite helpful. I suppose his humility went the way of his hair. Now he is a celebrity and hosts a half dozen time wasting segments a week. And I would rather wake up with a wet smelly stray dog than "Wake up with Al".

I have Dish TV now and if they lost the Weather Channel I wouldn't even know it. They are not even on my favorites list. In fact I don't know anyone who really watches them anymore.

Which is typical of American television these days.

Which is a terrible shame.

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