Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Shot in the Dark.....

In 1998 there was an article published in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet linking the Measles vaccine to an increased number of children diagnosed with Autism. The author of the study, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, used very shoddy and inconclusive scientific methods to support his findings and the whole anti-vaccine movement was born.

Turns out his research findings didn’t hold up. And it was later revealed that he was being paid by a legal firm to come up with the conclusions he published. The Legal firm was currently suing the manufacturer of the a Measles vaccine and needed scientific data to back their legal argument.

In 2010 the publishers of The Lancet retracted the article and apologized for it’s inclusion in their journal. The said they felt they were intentionally deceived.

The upshot of this fraudulent  shit is that today parents are refusing to have their children vaccinated against deadly diseases that we once thought we had eradicated. Measles, Polio, Small Pox, German Measles are all making comebacks in un-vaccinated children.

Which is fine with me. Really it is.

I’m a libertarian. You can do with your body and your children whatever you want, within reason. You don’t want to eat meat? No sweat. You want to smoke? Go for it. You want to earn a Darwin Award for being stupid? Knock yourself out. My philosophy is do whatever you want until it affects me. There are laws against child abuse and child cruelty in our society. Failure to vaccinate a child could be construed as to breaking these laws. But I don't care.

Don’t want to put your kids in car seats? Let them go through the windshield during an accident. Chances are they would grow up stupid like their parents and be a burden on society anyway. Stupid people endangering their offspring in stupid ways is just nature throwing a little chlorine in the gene pool. Idiots doing foolish things that get themselves killed is NATURAL. Most of the time it’s fun as hell to watch!

And I’m OK with that.

Don’t vaccinate your children if you don’t want to. All I want you to do is sign a waiver stating that you will be solely responsible for the medical bills your child incurs. No Medicaid, no Obamacare, no use of free public medical facilities whatsoever. Your insurance company gets to deny paying these claims because you put your child at an unreasonable level of risk. You have the right to choose therefore you are required to accept the consequences. Can’t pay? Oh well. One less mouth to feed. Bury them in the back yard and live to be stupid another day. Just don’t try and do it on my dime.

Let the un-vaccinated children go to school. Let their stupidity bred illness infect the other un-vaccinated offspring of the moron brigade. This is our chance to let nature do what it does best. Culling the herd, weeding out the runts of the litter.

It isn’t a matter of cost, most health departments provide the vaccines to the under privileged for free. It’s just a case of stupid public hysteria over a subject most people are to lazy to research properly.

Cruel? Yup. Fair? Completely.

What could be more fair than the stupid dying off so the intelligent can survive?