Friday, October 24, 2008

“The First Thing We Do”…………..

“Is kill all the Lawyers”     The Bard's word’s not mine, from Henry VI. It was originally meant as what was needed to be done as a prequel to a revolution. And in my opinion, one hell of a good idea.

Turn on the TV. Any channel, and you get bombarded with commercials for suck hole lawyers offering to get you out of your IRS responsibilities for a fee. “ I owed the IRS over forty eight thousand dollars. They negotiated with the IRS and I didn’t have to pay a thing” “They were going to take my business as I owed two hundred fifty thousand ($250,000.00) dollars. We settled for forty” “I was on a tread mill paying the IRS interest and penalties”…… And so it goes.


I have to pay my taxes, so do you. If I run up my credit cards because I am an asshole, why should I be able to get an attorney to get me out of my own mess? I wasn’t brought up that way. We all have to pay for the losses the retailers and merchants suffer due to this theft. That’s right theft.

If you run up your credit cards and don’t pay the bill, YOU ARE A THIEF! Again YOU ARE A THIEF!  You should be treated as a criminal. You should not be allowed to use some parasite attorney to negotiate your way out of YOUR responsibilities and your debts. If you owe the IRS for back taxes because you failed to pay them on time or at all, YOU ARE A THIEF!  Everyone who pays their taxes and lives responsibly is paying for you being a scumbag. You should be locked up or placed into a forced labor camp until your debts are repaid.

Don’t sit there and complain about or blame the global financial crisis for your own stupidity. It’s not the greedy Wall Street executives alone who have caused this crisis. It’s partially a scumbag caused problem. Pay your damn bills and don’t live beyond your means.

How simple can it be?

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