Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot Under The Collar............

Global Warming is a farce. There I said it. And I actually believe it. We have been hoodwinked into the belief that we are going to make our planet uninhabitable in the near future.

The worse part of this is that these same jerks who have invented this terrible calamity are making money hand over fist. At one point these same guys were telling us we were causing a new Ice Age with our polluting ways. They made a ton of money off of that as well.

I’ve studied this problem for years. It’s the nerd in me, I can’t help it. Dad had me tracking hurricanes before I could walk. He has a weather station in his house that rivals most TV stations. He has complete weekly temperature and barometric charts for the last 48 years. From all I can see, we (human beings) are not responsible for the majority of any perceived global warming. The real culprit is the constantly changing level of solar radiation that the earth receives.

One of the founders of the Weather Channel, and former chief meteorologist for WSI, Dr. Joseph D’aleo has all the information you need on his website. 

Here are the charts which show the solar radiation levels versus global temperature and planetary CO2 levels. Buy a copy of the 2009 Old Farmers Almanac and look at the charts and graphs there. Just do something to understand this nonsense a little better.

It’s a fact that the earth’s temperature was once over a thousand degrees at the surface. Guess what? The planet survived. And there wasn’t even a washed up, failed presidential candidate around to make a buck off of it. There are more polar bears today than any time in recorded history. The Antarctic ice pack is growing. The climate swings that we see yearly are normal and are what make up the averages we all hear so much about.

Do the research, Pull your head out of the sand and spend a little time trying to understand what’s really going on. You will see that this whole farce is driven by greedy assholes who couldn’t give a flip about you or the environment. They are just laughing all the way to the bank while you “Go Green” and think you are “Saving the Planet”

A shame we can’t re-cycle them huh?

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