Saturday, December 13, 2008

I love TV Commercials......

Lately there has been this commercial on the tube that talks about how with one day of training you can SCUBA dive. With a week of training you can become a certified diver. After a month of training you can dive with sharks, dive into wrecks and caves.

The other ad says with one day of training you can parachute out of an airplane with an instructor. After a week of lessons you can jump by yourself. With a month of training you can fly the airplane.

Then the announcer comes on and says, At US Cellular it takes six weeks of training to become a customer service rep.

What this tells me?

US Cellular must hire the stupidest people on the planet to answer their telephones! Yeah, I want to spend my hard earned cash with their company!

Yes….After a couple of weeks I’m Back!

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