Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Say Can’t You See…..

What the hell is happening to this country? Sure, you voted for change and look how fast things are happening. All this great government money is being pumped into the American economy. Private business is getting lots of free cash to prop up their bottom lines. To protect their interest the government is limiting how much money the top executives of these companies can make.

Wait a minute here? The government is limiting how much money a private citizen can make just because they propped up a business with a loan?  Does the bank tell you what brand of tires to buy for your car just because they lent you the money to buy it? Do they tell you where you can drive or how fast or what kind of oil to use?

Wifey and I work at a hospital. More than 75% of the money the hospital makes comes from Medicaid and Medicare. That’s government money. Will our salaries be controlled in the future? How about your mortgage? Your bank or Mortgage Company might have received some cash from the government at one time. Maybe the feds will force your private bank to re-negotiate your loan at a lower interest rate to give you a little relief. Then the government owns your ass as well.

Been to the grocery store lately? How about farm subsidies? Will the food you eat be priced and controlled by the feds? The trucks that deliver the food, the fuel the farmer’s tractor burns. All touched by the government in one way or another. The big boys in Washington are slowly taking our freedoms from us. And we are too stupid to see it.

My dad tells me the story about how his father used to write a check to pay his income taxes every year. He just told them what he made and wrote the check. It wasn’t taken from him before his employer gave him a pay check. Every time there is a crisis the government uses it as an excuse to grab a little more of our freedoms from us. It doesn’t matter if it’s World War or an attack on the World Trade Center. Now it’s a Financial Crisis and the government is grabbing all they can.

Your hard earned money, property and freedoms are being taken from you piece by piece and you still think things are looking up. Soon you will be working for the government and you won't have any choice in the matter. Before long this country will resemble 1935 Germany.

And you voted for a change. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Thanks Dumb Ass………

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