Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You have got to be kidding me…………

So this 33 year old woman has in-vitro fertilization and has 8 zygotes planted inside her greedy womb. When she delivers the whole country gives a collective hooray and happy sigh that the miracle of life has blessed this cow with 8, count’em eight, little babies.

Not me. No sir, Not one damn bit.

She is un-employed. She has 6 children already and guess what? They were in-vitro fertilization products as well.

Miss Suleman is unmarried, has no partner and no apparent means of financial support. She lives in a hopelessly small house with her divorced parents, one of whom recently filed for bankruptcy.

Don’t get me wrong here. Anyone who wants to try and get pregnant with a turkey baster  is fine with me, but, the implantation of fertilized eggs into a woman and the subsequent  hormone and pregnancy inducing drug regime is not cheap. We are talking thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars here.

Normally you only find this level of medical irresponsibility at Duke University, or of course, anywhere in California.

This woman is a criminal, her physicians are criminals and the products of this disgusting experiment are going to be a blight on society for years to come. An unemployed single mother is going to be able to raise 14 children into productive tax paying citizens? In California no less? Give me a break.

The physicians responsible should pay for this Frankenstein tragedy. They should lose their licenses and the hospital should be fined and closed.

I wonder how many more embryos she still has frozen and will she do it again?

I’d be willing to bet Duke would do it. Especially if she was an illegal alien smuggled in from Mexico………

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All you an eat gu'munt cheese!!!