Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I hate to say I told you so, But………..

Today while I was at lunch, eating my bologna sandwich and strawberry yogurt, it happened. I was watching the TV in the cafeteria at the hospital when the top story on CNN was that our new president was angry at AIG giving their employees a ton of bonus money. In fact, President Dumbshit even went so far as to say all of us Americans should be furious with the execs at AIG acting so irresponsibly.

Wait a minute here. We the people should be furious with the AIG folks for pissing away the money the government gave them? Didn’t AIG make their own puddle? Shouldn’t they get to sleep in it? Didn’t they screw up their business and drive themselves to the brink of bankruptcy? 


Seems to me we should be furious with our government representatives for giving all that cash to an organization that has a proven track record of making bad investment and poor decisions. We should have let their business fail.

But all us brainwashed Americans can see is what the news shows us. The stock market had a huge rally this week. The Dow gained almost 400 points! Hot Damn! Our problems are over! Never mind that the market is down 6,000 (that’s six thousand) points in a year and a half. Hell, the stock market has dropped 3,200 points since inauguration day. Now we should be upset that AIG execs gave themselves a ton of our free money?

Pull your head out of the sand. You are being manipulated. They, the government, are diverting your attention away from the fact that they increased your share of the national debt by $15,000. That’s 15K for every man woman and child in America. And they did that in just two short weeks.

Just imagine what kind of crap they can dream up to saddle us with in the next three and a half years.

Sweet Dreams……………..

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