Monday, August 3, 2009

My Hidden Motives……..

I have to make a confession here.

I am a sneaky bastard.

I post some pretty goofy stuff on my blog. Some of it is downright deranged. I do it on purpose. The idea is to capture your imagination to show you I am nuts, and to also slip in some pretty important thoughts that I have. Some are profound like the glow in the dark toilet I invented or the hidden planet in outer space made of Velveeta cheese.

My real purpose is to try and pry a few important thoughts into your brain.

We are witnessing the dismantling of The United States of America as we know it. Our government is being changed and destroyed in front of our eyes and the smoke screens that the news media and government are creating have us all hoodwinked.

When the president appoints any cabinet member they are required by the constitution to be ratified by the Senate. The last two presidents have appointed “Czars” to oversee certain portions of our government. Bush appointed five or six. Obama has appointed over 40. These people are not approved by either house of congress and are responsible only to the president himself. Read that last line again. It’s so important that you have to understand it. It’s your job as an American, or seventy years ago a good little German soon to be a Nazi.

I don’t care if you smoked dope, drank, screwed, or slept your way through high school. You should have paid just a little attention in your American and world history classes.

Sooner than you think the government may be telling you what doctor to go to, how much money you can make, where you can live, what you can tell your children and maybe even how many children you can, or are required to have. You may need papers to travel somewhere on vacation, permission to use gasoline for recreational purposes (boats, RV,s etc.) and face stiff fines or even incarceration (jail time) for speaking out against these atrocities.

These things are happening already around the world today as we speak in one country or another. We better wake up or these terrible conditions may happen here.

And you thought I was only going to blog about alien abductions and anal probes…..

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