Monday, August 3, 2009

Nothing is Free…….

And I do mean nothing.

Take the “Cash for Clunkers” initiative that the government passed to stimulate new car purchases. Sounds great right? You bring in an old car or truck that gets poor gas mileage and trade it in for higher mileage new vehicle. Under this program the dealership turns in your old “clunker” to be destroyed. It can’t even be cannibalized for spare parts at a junkyard. The dealer gets $3,500 to $4,500 for this service from the government. The dealership then can pass the deal onto you. Chrysler is even doubling the offer so you could feasibly get $9,000 off the price of a new car. Chrysler! Who we already gave billions of our tax dollars to. We already have to pay for that!

How could this be a bad idea on so many levels?

1) When the government gives money to anyone whether it’s the Indians, the homeless, even the foreign aide given out to every other country in the world. It comes out of your pocket period. This is an undeniable fact.

2) With the government owning a huge portion of Chrysler, isn’t it a little fishy that Chrysler alone is doubling the government’s cash offer? Isn’t this double dipping just a deeper grab into your pocket as a tax payer?

3) What about if you buy a high mileage car that was built in a foreign country? Are our tax dollars now going overseas?

4) And the ultimate hidden cost. The loss of tax revenue for the states. Every single state in this country depends on tax revenue from the gas pumps to pay for road repairs and other state budget needs. In some states it’s as high as $.50 (fifty cents) per gallon. If all of a sudden automobiles get twice the gas mileage as they used to, all of our states will be looking at massive budget shortfalls. The states will have to increase their tax rolls somehow. The federal government won’t bail the states out. Look at California for an example. So the feds have now made the states the "Bad Guys" for having to raise taxes.

How many spoons full of sugar does it take to make this poisonous medicine go down?

Kinda makes Mary Poppins look like Satan doesn’t it?

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