Saturday, October 3, 2009

B-Complex on the High Seas…..

Ahhhhh, There’s nothing like the morning after depression you get when you have just come back from an insanely fun cruise vacation.

Cruise memories in no specific order:

The ship being four and a half hours late leaving Miami due to being hit by lightning.

Carlos and Charlie’s being EMPTY for dinner due to a driving rainstorm during dinner.

The adults only hot tub and sun lounge, promenade deck aft.

The amazing band Wifey danced too until 2 AM the first evening.

Being ahead $145.00 at roulette for the trip, The Big Ugly Bet hit 7 out of 10 times.

Wifey being up $80.00 on the slot machines for the trip

I enjoyed the 17 shrimp cocktail appetizers I consumed before the three dinners we ate in the main dining room on the ship, (Four per cup)

Fresh Dos Equis on tap at Las Palmeras with the chicken enchiladas for lunch.

We love the sexy new Citizen watches we bought. Wifey got a gold ladies Eco-Drive chronograph, a very rare and pretty timepiece.

Our amazing cabin steward Slamet and how well he took care of us.

The gay little cruise director Karl (with a K) from London. yuck!

Breakfast in bed every morning was wonderful.

The new friends we met in the dining room, future cruise buddies?

I love the all you can drink soft drink card. What a deal.

Not seeing the waterspouts off the port bow our last morning at sea.

Not seeing the other Carnival ship slam into the Royal Caribbean ship in Cozumel.

I have mixed feelings about Margaritaville opening 3 blocks from Carlos & Charlie’s.

Staying on the ship in Key West while the tourists all go ashore, a relaxing idea.

All of these memories compel me to think about doing another “Chuckiefest at Sea”. We had more than twenty couples on that 3 day cruise and it was an amazing time. We received a special rate due to the number of cabins we booked and everyone partied until it hurt. Well almost everyone. One participant was just a tad bit too pregnant to enjoy herself completely. Good thing to as the kid turned out great!

Anyone out there interested in doing this one more time? I am sure Peggy would love to put a deal together for us again. Email me at with ideas, questions and most importantly dates and destinations you would like for us to consider. It’s been too long since we all got together.

Time to scare the world once more!

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Scal E. Wag said...

As much as Jackie says she never wants to do a cruise, mark us as tentative for 2011. I think it would be a blast!