Monday, July 19, 2010

What’s That Smell?

Did someone forget to take scoop the cat’s box? Leave some raw shrimp unrefrigerated under the sink? Are the Aggies playing football in town this weekend?

Nope. It’s election time once again and the odor is coming from your TV.

I cannot stand the constant mud slinging and lying from these assholes who are running for public office. I have known personally a few people who went to Washington. They were good, honest hard working folks who wanted to make a difference: and they turned into money grubbing political scum bags.

You can’t vote them out because “them” is both sides of the coin. No matter how many times you flip it you lose.


You don’t flip the coin at all.

You and every other American has the right to vote. The politicians want you to vote as you will walk into the voting booth like a blind sheep and vote for someone. Hell they even call it “Your Duty” and guilt you into voting. They need you that much.

Here is the answer.

Don’t vote for anyone. Read it again, DO NOT vote for ANYONE.

Go to the poles and vote for those you personally know and trust. The others? Leave the spot blank. That’s right. Just don’t make a choice. Exercise your constitutional right to vote for none of the above. Maybe just maybe enough people will take this option and somebody somewhere might get the idea that the electorate is finally getting pissed off at the whole situation.

They don’t think you have the nerve to stand up to them. Short of running them out of town on a rail this is all we can do. You can’t shoot them like the hydrophobic dogs they are. Until they feel threatened nothing will change.

Imagine how sweet the victory for Asshole #1 will be over Asshole #2 if there were more blank votes than either of them received!

That would make for a story even those dickheads at CNN couldn’t ignore……

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