Friday, June 4, 2010

Conspiracy with a twist of Lime…..

Remember how the world was the day before 911? We had the normal political and social problems facing us. The economy was looking bad. The normal stupid little conflicts were going on in the Middle East. Unemployment was on the rise although at not such an alarming rate. The housing market was looking bleak. Just the normal stuff going on.

Then the tragedy of 911 happened.

People were furious and dumbfounded beyond belief. How could this happen?

And then the idiot asshole idea machine took over.

People actually had the audacity to accuse the president and his cabinet of having prior knowledge of the attacks. Some disease infested fear mongers even went so far as to say that the president played a direct part in planning the attack to suck the country into a war so that he and and members of his cabinet could financially gain from the costly conflict. The hottest topic for that next election cycle was the Homeland Security issue.

Here’s where it gets stupid. This is only hypothetical and not something I actually believe but it does make an interesting mental exercise.

What did Obama know about this oil spill disaster before it happened and was he involved in it in any way?

Has your life gotten any better from the economic stimulus package? Has the country rebounded from the millions of jobs lost since Obama took office? Is this whole oil spill crisis a diversion to draw fire away from incumbent democrats who are on the hot seat for supporting that idiot’s healthcare bill?

Heard anything on the news lately about the Tea party Movement? How about how badly the two wars are going? Where is the housing crisis issue? What about the talk about all the jobs being lost? The job report released today will look rosy as hell because of all the census workers are included in it. All the TEMPORARY census workers who will be unemployed in a few months.

The mid term elections all of a sudden are second page news.

It’s just interesting to me that when a major crisis hits America it’s always the president’s and governments fault when there is a republican in the white house. The nut cases crawl out of the woodwork to blame the president. When there is a democrat in the white house it’s never brought up.

I guess we have the news media to thank for it.

And we all know how fair and honest those whores are………

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