Monday, March 21, 2011

Not On My Dime…..

I have chosen to forgo having telephone service in my home. I was tired of paying all that money for a service I rarely used. The Internet comes in over the cable and I don’t need to have a data line for a fax machine anymore. Hell, even Domino's can now recognize my phone number on their caller ID so getting a pizza isn’t even a hassle anymore.

The other beautiful thing about a cell phone is that my number will stay the same wherever I go. I can be at Joe’s house in San Antonio or my dad’s house in North Carolina and if you dial me up I will answer. Most of the time.

The first cell phone I had was paid for by the bank I worked at. When I separated from the bank (was let go, bastards) I kept the phone but had to pay for it myself. The plan was amazing. World wide unlimited calling for about seventy-five ($75.00) bucks. The first month I used about 25 minutes of airtime. Yes I was getting reamed and didn’t even think about it.

Soon I realized my mistake and went out and got a pay as you go phone. I simply put about fifty ($50.00) dollars into my account with Net-10 and I get 500 minutes worth of time. If it takes 6 months or 6 days to use up I just add more when I need to no contract and no commitment.

So what’s the problem?

This damn citywide election that’s what. Any election really.

I pay for my cell phone for my convenience. I use it for what I want to when I want to. And I will be dammed if I let some two-bit politician call me at 10 cents a minute from a God dammed automated dialing system to try and hustle a vote from me.

Warren Lee, you ASSHOLE, you owe me ten cents for that call to my cell phone tonight. You were the first to accost me over the cell phone I pay for so you get the honor of being the first one to get an invoice from me. I am sure there will be others and they will get the same treatment.

It’s about time these venereal, sleaze ball political assholes realize that they can’t get away with the same old shit they have been shoveling on us for years.

I will send that prick an invoice for my cell usage and I will keep you posted. I am sure none of them will see my blog as it would take maybe an ounce of intelligence to comprehend it, so maybe I will just copy this to the local newspaper instead.

I have only just begun to fight……..

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