Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amazing Things………

I have a bookshelf in my home designated for amazing things. Some of the items there are very rare. In fact, some of the rarest items on earth. Others mean nothing to anyone but Wifey and I. Thus, I am constantly looking for new stuff to reside there in my little hall of fame. I guess I am something of a hoarder in a limited sense. I stay up late at night fondling and worshiping these little pieces of what some would call crap.

“What kind of stuff?” I hear you cry? Well let’s see. I’ll list a few of them to take up more space and make this posting look longer than it really is.

1. A belaying pin from the HMS Bounty used in the 1960 film.
2. A Victoreen Geiger counter from the cold war days (still works).
3. A copy on VHS of “In the Wake of the Bounty”. One of the rarest films in the world. Erroll Flynn’s first film role.
4. About 2 pennyweights of gold Wifey and I mined in North Carolina.
5. A small sample of Trinitite from the first atomic bomb test in New Mexico.
6. Grandpa Bob’s old Hamilton wristwatch.
7. A 4 inch steel gold pan.
8. A small vial of Super Yeast a friend makes homemade bourbon with.
9. A Texas Paramedic pin.
10. A chrome finished early model Jacobs chuck.
11. A hunk of Amethyst Wifey found.
12. A few beach rocks I found and glued together from Emerald Isle.
13. A small urn/chest with L.T’s cremains.
14. A small chip of both Martian and Lunar meteorites given to us by an old friend.
15. A Siegfried and Roy poker chip from The Mirage in Las Vegas.
16. A small Buddha bottle of Damiana, a Mexican liquor. Aphrodisiac?
17. A finder scope from an old Criterion Dynascope RV-6 Telescope.
18. A spare O-ring for the Margarita keg.
19. A small wizard pewter statue for when I play Monopoly.
20. An 8x10 picture of the 1952 Cummins Diesel Special race car at Indianapolis.
21. A matchbook from the Travelodge in Biloxi Mississippi.
22. A drumstick signed by Java and Rah from Here Come The Mummies.

So there you have it. A summary of stuff that probably has no meaning to anyone except Wifey and myself.

Are there things I still want? Hell yeah. I want a piece of Chernobylite and maybe someday a chunk of Fukushimaite. I’d like Neil Armstrong’s golf ball he hit on the moon. I want a dinosaur bone. I’d really like a water geode.

I also have an alarm system and a pretty good collection of nasty firearms scattered through the house that I am quite proficient in using just in case this posting gives anyone some crazy ideas about taking my amazing things…………

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Scal E. Wag said...

Awesome list. I've had the pleasure of seeing it. One question, what is a "Jacobs chuck"?