Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Standing My Ground……..

I just realized something, well a couple things actually. I haven’t posted anything in my blog for over a year. And for the first time in my life I can say what I think without repercussions. Oh sure I pissed off some friends and family before, but I had to worry about saying things that would piss off an employer or a co-worker.

Not anymore.

Probably the only folks I shouldn’t piss off now are the Wifey and my Doctors (Who I love dearly) My friends know me and know how I am anyway. The ones that are still around understand. The others? Fugum.

What got me going on this thread was a story I saw on the news last night. Apparently some dumb-ass kid in Miami thought it would be funny to dress up like a Zombie and scare the shit out of random people as they walked down the street. With the recent cannibalistic attack in Miami last week I suppose he thought it was funny

My advise to those who don’t know me is to not try this with Chuckie.

In the last few months I have read more than 25 Zombie books and seen a half dozen Zombie movies. Those who know me well are already aware I am well armed. (Everyone calls you a gun nut until the Zombies actually do start attacking. Then you are a hero.)

All of the material I have absorbed points to one, and only one, defense against an attacking somnambulist. That is to shoot them in the head or destroy the brain by whatever means possible. Machete, shovel, crossbow, assault rifle it doesn’t matter. Kill the brain and the Zombie dies for good.

And guess what? I even live in Florida so I can get away with it legally. Not that a sitting jury would ever convict a citizen for defending himself against having his face eaten off or his body consumed while he was still alive.

Yes my constant and deprived readers,

Chuckie has returned

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