Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why? I hear you ask......

“Why is this happening to us” Kate cried. “I dunno” responded Vick at the Miami International Airport. They had been in line for 3 hours now and were surely going to miss their connecting flight home to St. Louis.

“They sure are taking away a lot of people for questioning” Vick said out loud and then immediately regretted speaking .

“Welcome home to The United States. Do you have anything to declare?” the  young well armed border guard said.

“Not a thing”, Vick said. “Why is this line so long today?”

“It’s that new list that came out this week. The one with all the names of the people who wanted to secede from the union.”  Said the young muscular border guard while cradling his H&K MP5 sub machine gun in his lap.

Vick swallowed hard. A sweat started to break on his brow. He had signed the same petition on-line. Could the federal government really be rounding up US Citizens who were impulsive enough to sign their names to that petition?  Were American Citizens really being taken to federal re-education facilities to be trained to follow their government’s orders?  He had heard the rumors but never gave them a second thought.

The last words Vick heard were “Sir, We have a problem”…..

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The founding fathers were simple but extremely intelligent men. They knew that some day our government would grow so big, so impersonal and out of control that ordinary citizens might be forced to once again take up arms to regain or defend their liberty. That is why the second amendment to our great constitution was implemented.

I hope it never has to come to this, but if it does, I sure hope your name isn’t on any Homeland Security Watch list, or other government list of malcontents or patriots. Who do you think will get the first late night knocks on the door and be whisked away in the middle of the night in black government Suburbans, never to be heard from again?

Don’t sign that petition. Don’t do anything that would cause you to be a suspect. You never know who is watching.

Say’s I who is stupid enough to post this on the internet…….

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