Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Not So Modest Proposal…….

A local news and drivel channel here in Jacksonville Fl did a story the other night about a new food stamp program….. For PETS! You heard me right, free food for pets of the underprivileged, sick lame and lazy.

They interviewed a young lady who makes right about $15,000 a year, has a couple of kids and has trouble making her rent payments. Apparently she is single as no mention of a husband or father was made. Not that that surprises me much.

She goes on saying how thankful she is to the "No More Homeless Pets" program in Jacksonville. To their credit, this is a private company that does this and relies on donations from the local populace to support them. We had a cat vaccinated there once and it was like $15.00 where our vet wanted $75.00 for the same shot. These folks do good work, although Wifey swears that's what caused our cat to die a few months later (he was 19 after all) The facility is a bit grubby as you can imagine dealing with indigent pet owners but all in all it was OK.

Back to the story.

This lady the TV station proudly interviewed had four, count em FOUR pitbulls penned up in her back yard. Two of them looked to be a couple years old, the other two were puppies. She gets enough dog food delivered, DELIVERED, free to her residence a month to feed all four of them. She was wearing what looked like to be brown scrubs or something so she probably is a medical assistant or a CNA somewhere part time and can barely make ends meet.

I would really be going apeshit over this if it were my tax dollars going to fund this nonsense, but since it's private donations I guess I will stay calm for now. That being said, if you follow the money it wouldn't surprise me if the city had their grimy fingers into this somewhere, somehow.

On Food Stamps, probably on Medicaid, no husband, a couple of kids and four pitbulls? Talk about a drain on society. I'll bet you her entire years salary that she has a voter registration card next to her $500.00 iPhone in her Gucci purse though. I wonder who she voted for for president or mayor of Jacksonville for that matter.

Pets are a privilege not a right. If you can afford them and have the time for them they can be loving and wonderful companions and additions to your family. If not, they become a disease carrying nightmare that eats, breeds and shits all over the place. Some can even become dangerous and a menace to society.

The answer here is simple. Kill the dogs and feed them to the children. Half of the world's population would kill you and your entire family for a good 40 pounds of dog meat to feed their starving children. Either that or kill the kids and feed them to the dogs. In the long run, those worthless kids with no future would end up costing society even more eventually so it becomes a win win situation.

I would require automatic sterilization of the pets and owners as well.

But that's a different story…..

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