Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All for Naught…….

It seems like only yesterday Wifey and I were on our Anniversary Trip cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were enjoying the fall colors of the trees, marveling at the wildlife we were encountering, and stunned that those asshole politicians in Washington had closed all the bathrooms on our route. Yup, those asshole DEMOCRATS shut down the government of the only remaining superpower on the planet.

Do you remember why? Of course you don't. You are an American and if it doesn't slow down your precious iPhone or interrupt your micro-brewed beer snobfest, it isn't on your RADAR.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a budget that funded the entire United States government except for the Affordable Healthcare Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The Democrats in the Senate refused that measure and the battle began.

A few days later the Republicans in the house changed their stance and sent a bill to the Senate saying that Obamacare only needed to be delayed a year because it was flawed and wouldn't work. It funded the rest of the government, just put off the mandate that individuals had to sign up for the program or pay a penalty. The Senate rejected this as well

The Senate is controlled by a majority of Democrats. And they ALL stood united against any changes to Obamacare and refused to negotiate with the Republicans on any of the measures it contained.

When the The Affordable Healthcare Act was passed into law it required everyone to sign up for an approved insurance plan by a certain date. The lying politicians promised that you could keep your own physician and you current insurance plan if you wanted to.

This pissed off some big business corporations, so rather than ruffle their feathers, the President just granted them an exemption for another year. WHICH IS ILLEGAL! The act also exempted congressmen and their staffs from having to join the program. The unions, who got Obama elected, are starting to bitch now because the lies they were told, and believed, are being exposed. They will get screwed as well. Can you guess what's going to happen next. I see another illegal presidential exemption rolling down the hill towards us.

So the final bill the Republicans sent over the the Senate funded the entire government, including Obamacare, with the only stipulation being that all citizens be covered by it's provisions. Representatives and Senators and their staff would be required to enroll also. You guessed it, The Senate rejected this idea as well. Meanwhile, the government continued to stay shut down.

Fast forward to today.

It was recently announced that Obamacare needs 37,000 (thirty seven thousand) enrollees a day for three months to make it's projected budget feasible. They had on the first day 6 (six) people sign up. At the end of the first week they had 248 (two hundred forty eight) people enrolled. The website didn't work properly, or even at all in some cases. The program is the laughing stock of the Tech world and no one knows when if ever it will be up and running properly. No wonder the administration was reluctant to release the enrollment numbers and had to be eventually sued by the Republicans to make them public.

Just as the Republicans feared and predicted.

If you could go back in time and stop Hitler from sponsoring the Holocaust, would you do it? If you could have prevented the attack on Pearl Harbor thus preventing our involvement in the Pacific war and the eventual use of atomic weapons, would you step up and do the right thing?

We have the most flawed and destructive piece of legislation being railroaded through a blind electorate since the Volstead act or the Trenton Pickle Ordinance. And we do nothing. We can see that the tunnel ahead is only painted on the side of the mountain, yet, we sill go racing full speed ahead down the tracks towards it.

The Coyote eventually learned that trick, so did Elmer Fudd.

Why haven't we?


Gregory Duncan said...

Excellent rant! I agree with you 100%!

Ken Himes said...

way to say it and keep it real. please keep telling the truth and keeping us informed