Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Don't Like Spam...

A few weeks ago I sold a van on Craigslist. I did get my price for it in less than a week. I was pretty excited about how well the system worked, except for one minor problem.

It seems people have programs on their computers called "Bots" which go out and search the internet for email addresses to send porno spam to. I now get over 100 messages a day from people all over the world trying to get me to date them, buy something from them or wanting to do something to me!

He is a sample of some of the titles of the emails that hit my Spam Trap mailbox this morning:

Obamacare: Savings Start Now!
VA loan notice for, October 24, 2013
Increase Your Sexual Desire
Your new Mortgage payment could be….
Life is short. Have an Affair!
Am I Hot Enough To Hookup With? View My Profile Pics (NSFW) ~ My Info Available
Chat with Local Singles
Burial Insurance... Have Peace of Mind
You have 4 NEW FLIRTS
Can your girlfriend do what she can? Video is not safe for work.
Date Beautiful Russian Girls
Watch this video and women will want you
Meet a Lovely Russian Woman Today
Asian Beauties for
You have new mail from one of our super attractive members
Do you want to have more lovers?
3 questions that get all women horny
I'm at Samz Where r u?
Lonely? Want to Speed Date?
A woman on the network of CHEATERS wants to cheat
View Foreclosure Listings in Your Area
I'm looking for some No Strings Attached Fun!
Before/after photos of real people at the beach
Hook-Up with Hot Local Singles
View Photos of Black Singles Near You
A woman on the network of CHEATERS wants to cheat.

The really shitty part of this amusing distraction is that most of the emails come with an opt out button. If you no longer want to receive email from us click here. All that does is show the asshole who sent you the email that you actually opened it and read it, thought about it and decided to unsubscribe. They now KNOW you are real and open and read your mail. The avalanche of shit has only just begun! Soon the quantity of garbage in your inbox doubles or triples.

The really funny part is that anyone who knows me would realize how preposterous all this crap is! I don't need to date Russian women, I am very happy with my life, I doubt I could please two women at once, I don't need foreclosure data from anybody and I can't take Viagra and it doesn't work anyway!

If I ever win the lottery I am going to hire the the absolute best hackers I can find and turn them loose on all of these spammers. Give these bastards a taste of their own medicine for a change.

Or maybe I'll just automatically forward them all to my Buddy Joe's work email box in San Antonio for a laugh...

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