Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The HIGHway to Hell.....

Freddie was dying, plain and simple. The motorcycle crash left him bleeding and unconscious by the side of the road. It was a good thing he was an organ donor, but then again, who want's organs from somebody stupid enough to ride his motorcycle drunk and without a helmet? Whose is to say his stupid genetic material wouldn't be transferred from his slowly dying kidneys to the lucky recipient of his donated organs? Now there's a pleasant thought.

The  paramedics arrived in what seemed like hours but were only minutes in reality. They immediately initiated CPR. They intubated Freddie (inserted a tube into his windpipe so they could get Oxygen to his lungs without out them getting filled with blood and other gross shit) and started looking for a vein to start the IV. Once the IV was going and they could get life saving drugs and fluids into his system, they might, just might have a chance to save "Fast Freddie" after all.

Freddie's blood pressure was to low to find a vein. It was starting to look bad for old Freddie. The paramedic controlling the airway then went ahead and administered his meds down the tube. Translation: Some medicines can be given down the endotracheal tube into the lungs where they get absorbed directly into the blood stream. Everyone knows this is the second fastest way to get some medications into the body.

The amazing and heroic paramedics saved Freddie that day. Just another day on the job and more stories to tell the girls at the bar later that evening.

The problem here is E-Cigarettes.

You see, the same therapy that saved Freddie"s worthless life is being used now to introduce nicotine into the human body with out all the perils and carcinogenic side effects of smoking. You squirt some of this liquid drug into the electronic coffin nail and then suck on it. All of the same effects of smoking, none of the stinky clothes and hair.

Beautiful, Right?

Wrong. Deadly wrong. This is just another way to introduce a drug or poison into the blood stream. Grind up a Valium, Xanax, Oxycodone or some GHB into a powder, dissolve with water or vodka and suck it into your lungs through this tube of death. Instant high, or low depending on the substance. No needle tracks means no risk of AIDS and the ability to wear a short sleeve shirt to a restaurant.

You are already seeing specialty stores opening up all over town that specialize and encourage and profit off of "Vaping" I'll bet there are a dozen in Jacksonville already. Soon the Emergency Rooms will start to fill with patients overdosed on all sorts of shit these new age assholes will try and suck into their bodies. You will see everything from nail polish remover to prescription drugs to Drano being ingested this way. No need to mention other, more common, lovely stuff like Ecstasy, Crack Cocaine, Heroin or Methamphetamines.

They need to nip this idiotic drug delivery device in the bud and fast. If your kids are doing it you better beat the shit out of them quickly before they overdose or get raped or killed. This is one thing that needs to be made illegal as soon as possible with extremely harsh penalties.

Oh "What about Freddie"? I hear you cry?

He recovered from his injuries and was shot in the head robbing a liquor store a year later.

C'mon, I had to think of something positive to end on didn't I?

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