Saturday, May 17, 2014

Do you have any idea?

What the hell you are talking about? I mean really, do you just pick a nice sounding cause out of the air and become an expert on it overnight? It may sound practical, good and politically correct to support something, but shouldn’t you even spend 5 minutes learning about an issue before you go spouting off on the internet and potentially offending millions of people, not to mention exposing your complete ignorance to the world?

My friend list on Facebook is pretty slim. I keep friends who I like, keep in touch with or have similar  beliefs with. I constantly add and purge my friends list according to some pretty strict criteria.

Imagine my horror when someone I once put on my friends list came out with this stupid line about how we humans should stop product testing and clinical trials on animals. I am still so flabbergasted that I am having a hard time typing this let alone breathing.

No Lisa, I won’t mention your name as I am now terribly ashamed to admit I even know you.

The sad part is, this ignorant and foolish belief gets seen by potentially millions of people all around the world and without any research or intellectual backing a movement is born. Soon political pressure develops and vital life saving procedures and products are abandoned. I still get questions from some people about my Cardiac Stem Cell trial. My stem cells did not get harvested from aborted fetuses. They came from MY OWN bone marrow and white blood cells. They were injected into MY OWN left ventricular wall muscle tissue. The result? I have grown new arteries on my heart allowing me to live and blog for a few more years. My wifey is kind of happy with this outcome.

Guess what? This procedure was first tested on animals. So was the insulin I have to take every day to stay alive. I am sure all the medicine I take was once tested on animals. Know anyone with cancer who survived? How about a heart attack? Pneumonia or another ailment that was treated with antibiotics? Ever heard of or used used Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo? Do you think they tied down a bunch of human babies and squirted that shit into their pried open eyes? Of course not. They did it to lab rats and maybe some monkeys. Lab animals that were conceived and raised for that purpose. Just how else do you think they should have done it?

One of my Facebook friends started mouthing off about animal testing of products and procedures a few minutes ago and you have her to thank for this tirade. I simply go berserk when I hear people who have no knowledge of a subject start pontificating about it in public. Firstly, it makes them look stupid and secondly it embarrasses me for having to admit they are/were my friend. You can also be assured I won’t defend their stupidity in the name of friendship either. You may have a right to express your opinion, you may have the ability to reply “To each his Own Chuck” and if you want to tattoo “I am a complete fucking moron who will believe anything I hear or am told” across your forehead, that’s your right as well. And I support it. Hell, I encourage it. Maybe I would have had a heads up before I made/considered you my friend.

Maybe you were a normal thinking adult who was intelligent and enlightened until you ate something that wasn’t tested on animals throughly and then gave you the mind and thought processes of a protozoan. At least no mice were harmed in your intellectual de-evolution. That would have been a shame.

This one I will just unfriend. I see her maybe once a year but have to suffer through her hippy tree hugging stupid rants  at least 10 times a day when she posts her dumb shit deJour on Facebook where it shows up on my news feed.

The problem is this: Her uninformed stupid shit will still be seen by hundreds of people as she is one of those who friends anyone who will listen to her drivel. By the end of the day her dribbling shit of an opinion could be seen by hundreds of thousands of simpletons like her on Facebook and possibly effect real change in the world.

To much public policy and legal change is made by uninformed idiots who can control the masses by saying feel good shit that makes no sense whatsoever.

Please people, for the sake of my blood pressure. Think before you open your mouths and embarrass yourselves and me in public. And for heavens sake, think about what you post on the internet. If you haven’t researched it or are just parroting what someone else says because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, just keep it to yourself.

At least when Al Gore says stupid shit he knows nothing about in public he does it to make a buck.

Stupidity without even profit as a motive is beyond my comprehension and undeserving of my time.

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