Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Answer Part 1.

I am tired of hearing about our military being under funded and all the problems we have with injured veterans returning home from battle. I am not a hippie liberal communist or anti-American in any way shape or form. I just think we are addressing our military issues incorrectly.

We have what, a half a million armed soldiers in various spots around the world? Many millions more of civilian employees supporting them. They have trillions of dollars of weapons and hardware that they use to threaten and scare the shit out of our enemies with. Sometimes they are called upon to use these toys to kill bad guys.

The problem lies in the fact we are a caring, Christian faith based nation. When someone get’s their leg blown off in battle, we do everything humanly possible to save them and try to make their lives normal again. Sometimes we end up spending millions of dollars on a person who barely graduated high school and joined the military because it was a better job then delivering pizzas for a living. (Yes I have made pizzas for a living before so I can speak about that)

Our enemies couldn’t care less. Their advantage on the battlefield is clear. They don’t care about human life. To them, a fallen soldier is just a liability. Some are of the belief that they will be rewarded in an afterlife for dying in battle. They even use suicide bombers to achieve their objectives. They also routinely attack non-combatant civilians. How much have you heard about the Wounded Warriors Fund in an Arabic nation? Any VA for fallen terrorists? Their objective comes first and at all costs.

That’s why we are losing the war on terror on all fronts.

We need to change. We need to be more barbaric than our enemies. This is the only way they will fear us and leave us the hell alone.

We need to have an all convict army. Take our vermin and the worst of the worst criminals we have locked up in our prisons and run them through military style training. Let them be our front lines. Cannon fodder if you will. If they survive their sentence as a soldier they will have been taught a skill and be better rehabilitated than if they just did their time lifting weights and getting three squares in prison while doing drugs and mastering the art of sodomy.

If on the battle field they get shot, too bad. Why should we endanger the lives of others to save them? This sends two messages. To our own guys, you better perform like bloodthirsty killers and to our enemies, hey these guys mean business.

If you really get out of high school and want to join the military without having to go to prison first, you get trained to be an officer/troop guard. You lead your squad and if they turn to run or try to escape you shoot them. Went to college? Have a degree and still want the military life? No sweat. You can fly a jet fighter. The skilled jobs will still be there and those that are qualified will still be able to play with the billion dollar toys. You get to drive the aircraft carrier. The criminals swab the deck and clean the heads. Your care and treatment after your service is merit based. You went in as a volunteer and drove a tank, you get VA care afterwards. You were a drafted/convicted felon offered a chance at redemption, you get to become a productive citizen again. You are on your own medically.

This plan not only reduces the prison population and lowers the cost of incarceration, but it will also serve as a crime deterrent. Do the crime, do the time takes on a whole new meaning. We would also save money by leaving our fallen behind. No more million dollar artificial limbs for people who dodged pizza making and drove their truck through a minefield. The rapist murderer from the inner city street gang who we now have driving the truck becomes part of the local scenery forever.

The money we save by closing prisons, deterring crime and not having to support future casualties could go a long way towards fixing our financial problems as well.

I am not suggesting that we stop caring for those who are already in the system. Our returning warriors are owed a debt and we must make sure they are cared for and repaid. We just can’t afford to keep doing this forever. It’s time for a radical and pragmatic solution to be implemented.

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Scal E. Wag said...

I am torn about some of this but get the point. I am sick of our overpopulated prisons. I'm looking fwd to part 2.