Friday, September 19, 2014

Hopefully Not the 11th Song…

Well, tomorrow is the First Coast Heart Walk. The American Heart Association's world wide fund raiser. The idea is for people to come together and raise money and awareness to combat the effects of Cardiovascular Disease. Heart Attacks and Strokes kill over eight hundred thousand (800,000) Americans every year. Pretty serious numbers when you realize that’s over 15 times as many Americans as died in the entire Viet Nam war. One in four Americans will die from Heart Disease.

There is a 25% chance Heart Disease will kill you. Yes stupid, YOU reading this, YOU!

Depending on when you read this, Heart Disease will have or will be killing me. Yup. No more Chuckie.

I fought this fight as hard as I could. I have had a quadruple bypass, 14 heart caths, and 5 stents. I have easily spent a couple million dollars of my own, well mostly insurance company, money. I have even volunteered for clinical trials for experimental procedures in an attempt to help win this fight. Sure, if the Stem Cell clinical trial continues to show amazing results I will get to live a bit longer. But the real bonus is that the research may one day help you or one of your loved ones fight and maybe , just maybe, keep you from having to go the the pain and anguish that my beautiful wife and family have gone through. I’m not sure whether watching the intolerable pain I have put them through or the physical pain of the heart condition is worse. Both of them really suck.

Tomorrow, after the walk, I will be purging my friends list on Facebook. I was under the impression that Facebook friends were real friends.  19% of them donated to my cause. I guess I am just an analog fool in a digital age. I keep only a few friends and that list will now be culled drastically. I don’t have a lot of time left on this earth. Soon I will be sitting under The Tree, drinking from the Beer Volcano in Flying Spaghetti Monster Heaven. I surely don’t have time to spend on or with people who don’t care about me or are unwilling to come off of a couple bucks to help keep me alive much longer.

Only a few of us can perform open heart surgery. All of us can afford a few dollars to donate to save our or a loved ones life. Chances are you are reading this on a device that costs $500.00 or more utilizing a service that sets you back $50 to $100 a month.

So let me see if I understand this correctly, You have a $600.00 cell phone that costs you a grand a year to keep active so you can play angry birds and type stupid fucking text messages into, but you can’t come off of $20.00 to help defeat heart disease? And I don’t mean for me. This research could save your and your children’s lives.

Don’t ask me if I think that’s pretty stupid, You won’t like the answer.

If I survive tomorrow it will be because of two things, Cardiac Research and the love and support of my Wifey and true friends.

And if you didn’t care enough to cough up a couple bucks for this, my chosen cause, don’t insult me by crying fake bullshit tears when I am gone. You just flat out, didn’t give a shit about me anyway. The only person you will be fooling is yourself.

In fact, don’t come to my memorial service at all. Just stay home and jerk off with your expensive little smart phone or computer you shallow little prick.

Maybe you deserve the ticking time bomb in your chest after all.

Oh, The 11th song on the Doors 1967 album “The End”

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