Monday, October 27, 2014

Quarantine Stupidity…

With the recent and deadly outbreak of Ebola Zaire in Western Africa a few tough questions need to be asked. If you didn’t think I had the stones to ask them, I guess you haven’t read any other posts in my blog yet!

Ebola is a pretty wicked disease. Kudos to those who volunteer their time and skills to go to the front lines and do battle with this horrible killer. They are doing truly heroic work there.

Why should that stop when they fly home? Have they lost part of their reasoning power to this disease or experience. Are they so anxious to show the good work they have done that their vanity and craving of the limelight eclipse all their training and knowledge?

When you come back from an Ebola afflicted area, when you have been working with infected patients who contract a disease with a 50% mortality rate, do you not expect to be quarantined?

How fucking stupid can you be?

Recently a nurse came back from the “Hot Zone” and had her temperature taken upon hitting US soil. Ebola is a “Hemorrhagic Fever”. The first sign someone has been infected, at this point in the evolution of the disease, is an elevated temperature. Hers was elevated. The state of New Jersey put her into a hastily constructed isolation area. As far as we know, if no symptoms appear within a 21 day window starting the last day one is exposed to the infection, you don’t have the disease. Healthcare workers in the “Hot Zone” know this more than anyone else on the planet. This nurse felt her rights were being violated and she has threatened legal action against the state and federal government. Her fever has since abated and she was released. She has been allowed to go home to Maine.

How does that make you Maniacs feel now? This selfish hero could be walking around your home town and possibly be infecting all of you with this killer disease.

Since when does her volunteer service outside of the country trump anyone’s rights not to be infected? What has happened to the training and common sense that she is supposed to possess as a nurse? Doesn’t she realize the harm she is doing to the nursing profession as well as the damage she has caused in the response system of our governments?

Kaci, your perceived nobility that you gained for your heroic service went out the window when your actions threatened the safety of the populace.

Sit in the isolation tent for how ever long you need to. Were you in deluxe accommodations in West Africa? Put up with the inconvenience and come out of the situation with your head held high and possibly a book deal.

Don’t act like a spoiled, self centered, stuck up New England Bitch (or Dick, gender dependent).

This whole situation has caught our leaders with their pants down. Mistakes are, and will continue, to be made. We need to try and think our way out of this potential pandemic. It shouldn’t be that hard. Stop the incoming flights from the countries of Western Africa, Secure our borders. Quarantine potential victims for the required period of time and use some fucking common sense for once.

None of this will happen. Our government is infected with a far more dangerous and virulent disease.

It’s called the Mid-Term Election…..


Scal E. Wag said...

Agreed. The government should not have to make you stay quarantined.

Scal E. Wag said...

And the election propaganda sucks too.