Thursday, March 12, 2015

Real Life Risk...TPP part 2

With the establishment of the TPP, a second part to my World Peace/Domination plan is needed. Although controversial, this plan will work and kill a bunch of ugly birds with the minimal amount of stone throwing.

The first thing we need to do is either arm Israel to the teeth and go in and wipe out ISIS and scare the shit out of Iran or abandon Israel totally and threaten the shit out of Turkey.

If we arm Israel and get Neutron Bomb serious with ISIS, we get rid of that silly Islamic terrorism threat once and for all. We would secure Israel and have troops and weapons in the region to protect the Bosphorus Straits. This would also put the fear of Allah into Iran and force them to behave until the next gutless, tree hugging Democrat was elected President of the United States.

If we abandon Israel, they will act on their own to take care of the ISIS and Iranian problems while we let Turkey know that we will drop them from NATO and leave them to become the latest Russian peasants standing in line for toilet paper and a monthly loaf of bread. We would still be able to close the straits with air power from nearby bases in NATO supporting countries and we wouldn’t have to deal with Turkey acting like they are in charge. Come to think of it, Do they even use toilet paper?

For those of you asleep in history class in high school, The Bosphorus Straits are the only way the Russian’s Black Sea (warm water) Fleet can get to the open Atlantic Ocean. The Russian’s took Crimea so they could get a warm water port for their military operations. Without the 2 mile wide straight through Turkey, their entire North Atlantic fleet is bottled up in the Black Sea. Essentially a large bathtub able to threaten no one. As more than six thousand Russian oil tankers use this strait a year, this would choke off one of Putin’s major sources of foreign cash flow as well.

Remember, Turkey is letting ANYONE into the region across their borders to join ISIS. This includes foreign fighters and little girls. The only time they appear to be on our side is when they need our help to let the Kurd’s go in and try to expand their territory at everyone else’s expense. If we were forced to bomb the straits to bottle up the Russian’s, Istanbul would be cremated as well. Turkey would NEVER want that to happen. So that’s another chip in our pile on the table.

So let’s see here. In two blog posts I have:

•Solved the Russian-Ukrainian war threat stopping Russian expansion
•Supplied relief to starving and freezing Ukrainian’s and Poles
•Increased American oil profits and dropped gasoline prices at the pump
•Increased the value of your oil rich 401K plan
•Eliminated the ISIS issue and Radical Islam
•Shut down the immigration routes to ISIS through Turkey
•Bottled up Russia’s powerful Black Sea Fleet.
•Addressed and minimized the Iranian issue

All without declaring war on anybody and with minimum investment.

And also, I might add, before lunch.

It’s a shame that no one reads my blog. If any of our government officials could read, these ideas might stand a chance. I am sure CBS would rethink my application to replace Andy Rooney if they did. I would work for them for 1/2 his final salary.

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