Thursday, March 12, 2015

The TPP part 1…..

You read it correctly. My solution to the Baltic Crisis and an end to Russian expansionism in eastern Europe. It’s so simple that it’s no wonder it took me, a simpleton,  to think of it.

The Trans Poland Pipeline.

We finance and build a natural gas pipeline across Poland from Gdansk to Lublin and over the border into Ukraine. We can dock LPG super tankers in Gdansk, offload their liquefied petroleum gas into the pipeline and pump it safely to the Ukraine.

Think of the benefits. First we keep the Ukrainians from freezing to death when Russia shuts off their natural gas supply. Second, the Polish economy would be propped up by the construction and maintenance as well as administration of this new pipeline. Third, the Russians wouldn’t have the stones to attack it or interfere with it’s construction or operation due to fear of our retaliation. Fourth is we get an untapped market for our burgeoning supply of natural gas.

The oil companies profit from the new sales. Before you bitch about that, just remember how heavy your 401K is invested in oil companies not to mention the easing of gas prices we will see due to their increased success. The shipping companies will make money due to the constant transportation of LPG to the Baltic region. We would undoubtedly have some tariff cash coming from the project as well. American technology would be used to build it so therefore American consultants and engineers would be required. More cash to this country.

And not the most important factor but funny none the less. It would be painting Putin’s major hemorrhoid with a big old brush of AMERICAN Tabasco Sauce!

By doing this we counter Russia’s stranglehold on the Ukraine. We would strengthen our relationships with Poland and the Ukraine. We would also have an excuse for arming both strategic countries to the teeth in preparation for the inevitable Russian tantrum. Think of this sort of as the polish Panama Canal project but without the mosquitoes. We build it, defend it and profit from it.

This is all part of my plan for American Global Domination. I’ll reveal  more of it in another post. I have the answers for the Middle East Crisis as well. All of these strategies would work together to rid the world of terrorism and squelch the thugs of the world like Putin and that inbred man-child that’s running North Korea.

Oh shit I forgot one thing:

This will all have to wait until after 2016 when hopefully someone with some fucking balls and a little knowledge of world history is elected to the White House. This obviously precludes Hillary Clinton who has neither.

The only downfall is by the end of this next election cycle it may be too late to pounce on this amazing opportunity. Our current ineffective president may have fumbled the ball away on the goal line just as we were about to score the winning touchdown with two seconds left on the clock.

Why the football metaphor? Simple, both the United States and Canada have professional football leagues and we can’t seem to build a fucking pipeline between them in our own back yard all because of a recent Presidential Veto.

Stay tuned for part two.

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